Climate Smart Agriculture

Dr. Andrew Black

With established research plots at the UBC Farm, this research project, run by Dr. Hughie Jones and Dr. Andrew Black of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at UBC, aimed to gather data that would help them evaluate the effectiveness of a range of plastic films mulches and low tunnels in the modification of crops. By testing protective crop covers, the goal of the project was to find a method to extend the growing season and to cushion crops from the adverse effects of future climate change. Specifically, the project looked to assess the differences in quality between different plastic mulches and tunnel technologies -distinguishing their abilities to protect against weather conditions such as frost, air temperatures, photosynthesis maximization, and condensation prevention.

This project was funded by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, BC Ministry of Agriculture, Centre of Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm, NSERC, and UBC Faculty of Land & Food Systems.

Contact: Andrew Black

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