Directed Studies

Directed Studies

What is a Directed Study?

Directed studies are 300- or 400-level credit courses (e.g. APBI 497, GRS 397, FNH 497), where you first identify a professor with whom you can design your own food-systems-related project.

Students initiate a directed study by approaching a potential supervisor – a faculty member at UBC who is working in an area you are interested in. Your supervisor needs to hold a teaching position at UBC. If the faculty member agrees to supervise your project you should next plan out the details. What will the project involve? How much work will it entail? How will you be evaluated? Once the project work-plan is ready, you must submit a Directed Studies application.

Past CSFS directed study projects include: seed-saving, soil data, working with medicinal plants, and curriculum development for children’s programs.

See the Student Projects page for examples of self-directed research opportunities.