STUDENTS: VOTE YES for the new AMS Sustainable Food Access Fund (March 5th to 9th)

If you love Sprouts brownies, Agora Café granola bars, and fresh produce from Roots on the Roof and UBC Farm, vote in favour of:

“I support the AMS establishing a Sustainable Food Access Fund through a refundable fee of $0.35* to support on campus sustainable food initiatives (subsidize food prices and increase programming at Agora Cafe and UBC Sprouts, and offer a student discount at the UBC Farm Market and Roots on the Roof).”

The Sustainable Food Access Fund will work to increase the affordability of four critical sustainable food outlets – UBC Sprouts, Agora Cafe, Roots on the Roof, and UBC Farm. UBC Sprouts and Agora Cafe work to combat student food insecurity by offering affordable, organic, locally produced food at three on-campus cafes. In order to maintain the affordability of their food and services, they require additional funding. The UBC Farm and Roots on the Roof are two on campus growing operations that offer three farmers markets and weekly veggie box programs. Price point can be a barrier to student access and therefore, they wish to offer a student discount on produce. This referendum would fund these four initiatives to achieve their goal of providing UBC students access to sustainable food. Agora Cafe and UBC Sprouts would receive funding to continue offering low prices, expand current community programming, and increase sourcing from on campus food producers. UBC Farm and Roots on the Roof would receive funding to implement a student discount.

“Yes” Committee Members: Nikki Lax, Sam Puddicombe, Meryn Corkery, Sarah Siska, and Dakota Fozzard



Learn more about the petition, referendum question and YES campaign here: