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Communications Request

With so many things needing promotional materials and communications planning, filling in this form when you begin planning for your next project, event, program helps us distribute work at the appropriate times and plan ahead for any larger campaign efforts.
  • Paste your blurb here and/or let us know details about the project.
    E.g. At what stage of your project are you? Is this a reccurring need? (Eg. Hiring, Outreach Materials, Annual Events) What is your main communication goal? (Sell more tickets, General Awareness, Target a new audience, High turnout, Unify your program with UBC Farm's messaging, Polish the look and feel of previous materials)
  • Please link us to any existing web presence of your project or program that we can draw material from.
  • Please attach any relevant documents from your project or program.
    Drop files here or
  • Tell what you need help making or editing upon previous versions that you have or put together. Check everything you think is the most effective for your project, we may add or remove suggestions based on what kind of project it is.
  • Tell us which of the platforms we manage that you would like distributing material onto.