Book Launch: ‘Speaking in Cod Tongues – A Canadian Culinary Journey’ by Lenore Newman


The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems is proud to present a book launch for Speaking in Cod Tongues: A Canadian Culinary Journey, by Dr. Lenore Newman.

Introductory remarks by Dr. Hannah Wittman, Academic Director, Centre for Sustainable Food Systems

PLACE: Food, Nutrition, and Health Building Atrium

DATE: Thurs Jan 12

TIME: 4 – 5.30 pm

Light refreshments will be served.

“What is Canadian cuisine? Lenore Newman distils much of the current thinking into the erudite and elegantly readable Speaking in Cod Tongues. Her odyssey across the country provides a wealth of culinary detail, giving us a vivid contemporary portrait of Canada’s complex and ever-evolving foodways.” — James Chatto, National Culinary Advisor, Gold Medal Plates

“Humourous and intellectual, poignant and celebratory, theoretical and poetic, all in the same space. I am not aware of any other scholarly or popular book that covers such a wide ground on Canadian food culture with so much detail and skill.” —Irena Knezevic, Food Security Scholar, Carleton University

Dr. Lenore Newman is a writer and urban geographer. She holds a Canada Research Chair in Food Security and Environment, and is an Associate Professor of Geography and the Environment at the University of the Fraser Valley. Lenore studies culinary geographies, resulting in this book ‘Speaking in Cod Tongues – A Canadian Culinary Journey’. She also researches food security, with a particular focus on farmland preservation, the dynamics of the rural-urban edge, and agriburban landscapes. Lenore is also the Director of the Agriburban Research Centre at the University of the Fraser Valley, and heads a research team looking at issues relating to peri-urban farming and tensions between residential and agricultural land uses.


In 2014, Lenore was inducted into the inaugural cohort of the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists of the Royal Society of Canada. She also received the 2014 Devorah Kahn Award for Leadership in Food Security. For her research into agriculture on the peri-urban edge, as well as her advocacy in defence of BC’s Agricultural Land Reserve, Lenore was the recipient of the University of the Fraser Valley’s 2015 Research Excellence Award.

Lenore lives in Vancouver, Canada. She sits on the board of the Vancouver Farmers Markets society, and can often be found volunteering at the Trout Lake Farmers Market. She is passionate about food, and is happiest when cooking, eating, drinking, or sharing meals with friends. In her spare time she enjoys writing, pattern-hunting, and drinking coffee on Commercial Drive. She plays the piano, and keeps trying to find time to learn to play the cello.