Bringing Your Soil to Life: Soil Biology and Compost Tea

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Healthy soil is full of life. In one tablespoon of soil lives over 7 billion microorganisms! Over the last century, human practices have severely depleted this wealth of microbiological life that we rely on for nutrient cycling, decomposition, and thriving ecosystems. To restore our soils, we need a greater understanding of the microorganisms that are hard at work beneath our feet. Come explore the fascinating world of soil biology and take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from local agrologist, farmer, and soil scientist Emma Holmes.

This beginner level workshop will cover the following:

  • Overview of the different players in the soil food web
  • Hands on activities with microbes (using microscopes)
  • Strategies for supporting healthy soil biota
  • How to make compost tea as a practical example of applying soil biology

This workshop belongs to a three-part “Building Healthy Soils” series that we are hosting with instructor Emma Holmes. This series is perfect for new or aspiring farmers, gardeners, ecologists, or anyone curious about soils. Enrol in all three workshops at checkout and receive a 15% discount!

About the Instructor

Emma Holmes (pictured above holding the umbrella during a workshop) is an agrologist, farmer and soil scientist. She studied at UBC’s Faculty of Land and Food Systems (B.Sc. Global Resource Systems, M.Sc. Soil Science) and completed a permaculture internship at the Bullock Permaculture Homestead in WA. Currently, Emma is teaching soil science at Kwantlen’s Tsawwassen Farm School and working for the Ministry of Agriculture as an Agrologist.

Date and Time

Saturday, May 5 | 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM (2.5 hours)


$39 ($32 student pricing) + GST