Community Kitchen at UBC Farm

UBC Farm Community Kitchen Series

The UBC Farm is hosting two community kitchens per month where community members (including students, faculty, staff and neighbours) come together to prepare a meal as a group.  The goal in establishing a community kitchen at the farm is to generate enthusiasm and community around preparing food, share cooking skills and knowledge as well as bringing warmth and happiness to the UBC Farm kitchen!  Each meal will be vegetarian with vegan and gluten free options. We will cap the number of participants at 15, more than that will make it too challenging to work in our kitchen. We accept donations for the meal, whatever you are able to share, but no one will be turned away if they are unable to make a donation.

Location: UBC Farm – Farm Centre Kitchen (3461 Ross Drive, Vancouver)

Time: The second to last Thursday evening of each month, 5:30pm – 8:30pm & one other day each month 

We open registration for each of the community kitchen sessions usually two weeks in advance and announce the opening in our weekly community newsletter.

  • Thank you for filling up all our past sessions so quickly!

Click here to register for the next community kitchen session.

Entry by donation, no one will be turned away.

Questions and comments about the community kitchen program can be sent to