2017 UBC Farm Golden Beet Tasting

2017 Golden Beet Tasting: Culinary Assessment of UBC Farm Golden Beet Trials

Beets are the first crop to mature in the 2017 BC Seed Trials at UBC Farm and it’s time to slice them up and give them a taste! The BC Seed Trials is a collaborative project between UBC Farm, FarmFolk CityFolk and the Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security. Through variety trials on working farms throughout BC, as well as at the UBC Farm agricultural research facility, the BC Seed Trials will help farmers identify promising varieties for seed production, helping improve the availability of high-quality, well-adapted, regionally-produced vegetable seed for BC agriculture. Join us at UBC Farm as we embark on the most pleasurable part of our seed trials research – the tasting! Get your palette ready to experience a diversity of flavours and textures; get your eyes ready to experience a diversity of colours, shapes, and sizes; and get your pen ready to praise your favourites and reject your foes! After the tasting, take a guided tour through UBC Farm to see all the different seed-saving projects at the farm.

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Event Details:

The Researcher

Alexandra Lyon is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems and the UBC Farm. She recently earned her PhD in Environment and Resources at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she researched the seed needs of the organic vegetable sector and coordinated variety trials on organic farms as part of the Northern Organic Vegetable Improvement Collaborative (NOVIC).

The Chef

Executive Chef Rob Cleland from the Ash Street Bistro, situated within Legacy Senior Living in the heart of Oakridge, is one of Vancouver’s early pioneers of the farm-to-table approach. As a chef with a long-term relationship with the UBC Farm he has a deep knowledge of how best to prepare farm fresh ingredients and bring out variety-specific flavours. The Ash Street Bistro—where Chef Rob makes everything from scratch and in house—is open seven days a week for the public, come by and enjoy a delightful meal.

The Site

The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems (CSFS), located at UBC Farm, is a unique research centre that aims to understand and fundamentally transform local and global food systems towards a more sustainable, food secure future. The centre is a living laboratory, committed to finding solutions to both the local and global challenges facing food systems sustainability and translating solutions to improve personal, community, and environmental health.