Composting with Worms: Vermicomposting 101


Live in an apartment, townhouse, or rented space but want to get great, real “homemade fertilizer” and solve the problem of food waste?  Come learn how to convert your food scraps and newspaper into really rich fertilizer for your indoor/outdoor plants. We’ll cover tricks and troubleshooting techniques for odourless, efficient indoor composting with worms and will build a mini “worm farm” together. Participants are asked to bring old newspapers, a small plastic box with a lid or strong cardboard box, coffee grounds and some fruit or veggie scraps to the workshop. Participants will take home their ready-to-use worm farm, along with a few worms so they can start vermicomposting right away.

About the Instructor

Silvia di Blasio is an experienced coach and permaculture practitioner and consultant. Her social enterprise “Mainstream Permaculture” is dedicated to spreading the good news about how each one of us can contribute to reduce food waste and increase food sovereignty in fun and sustainable ways accessible to all.

Date and Time

Thursday, April 26 | 6:00 – 8:30 pm (2.5 hours)


UBC Farm 3461 Ross Drive, Vancouver BC


$35 ($28 student pricing) + GST Click here to register for this workshop