Cross-Curricular Learning in School Gardens – Workshop (School Gardens Series #3)


In this workshop we will dig into the revised BC curriculum to explore the multiple opportunities for meaningful, hands on learning in your own school-yard. Participants will broaden their understanding of how to develop and support the big ideas, core and curricular competencies in a garden classroom. Specific examples of cross-curricular learning will be shared, along with inspiring stories of student engagement, diversity and inclusion. Just about anything can be taught in a garden… come explore how you can support happier, healthier and more motivating academic learning outdoors!  Enroll in all three workshops as a short course, and receive a 15% discount!

About the Instructor

Megan_Zeni Megan Zeni is a mom, teacher, master gardener and classroom gardener. Megan is a professional educator with over 20 years of classroom experience who re-imagined the prep role at her public school and turned it into her dream job of teaching all day in an outdoor classroom and school garden. Megan is an advocate for taking children outdoors in all kinds of weather to learn, play and grow. She is a nature play enthusiast who spends her downtime with her family hiking, boating and skiing.

Date and Time

Wednesday, December 6 | 6 – 8 pm (2 hours)


$38 ($30 for registered students — valid student ID is required) + GST  (Enroll in all three workshops as a short course, and receive a 15% discount!)

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