Future of Food Global Dialogue Series: Developing the first Qatar National Food Guide

Presenter: Dr. Barbara Seed Topic: Sustainability Principles in the First Qatar National Food Guide Description: Is a healthy diet a sustainable diet? Sustainable diets have the potential to unite nutrition, food systems, healthy ecosystems, and the challenge of zero hunger. Centering on the consumption aspect of the food system, Dr. Barbara Seed’s work examines evidence-based recommendations for sustainable diets that promote both human and environmental health. This event will review how sustainable diets are defined and measured, how current sustainability recommendations have been translated into a handful of national dietary guidelines, and where recommendations can be incorporated into other levels of food policy. About the Speaker: When Dr. Barbara Seed was hired to develop the first dietary guidelines (food guide) in Qatar in 2013, she succeeded in making them one of the first in the world to include sustainability principles. Barbara is a Registered Dietitian with over 30 years of experience working in public health nutrition. In her work and volunteer capacities, she has straddled many sectors: government (national, provincial and municipal levels); civil society (anti-hunger and food system organizations) and academia (teaching, research, supervision, and publishing). Barbara is currently working as a consultant in food and nutrition policy, focusing on integrating nutrition, food systems, and the environment. Free and open to the public. Event queries: ubcfarm.academic@ubc.ca