Seed Saving


Learn to save your own seeds with us! By saving the seeds from your best-performing plants each year, you will begin to create a collection of seeds that have adapted to your growing conditions specifically. For the most part, saving seeds doesn’t cost much else besides your time and care for the practice. If done right, these methods will also allow you to begin creating your own heirloom varieties for your favourite plants. This workshop will provide you with the basic knowledge behind seed saving. The workshop will cover the following:
  • Discussion of the basics of plant reproduction
  • Discussion of the easiest plants to save for beginners (compared to plants that require a lot of effort to save seeds from)
  • Explanation of the vocabulary used in seed saving
  • Hands on activities with seasonal varieties of plants as a demonstration of seed harvesting
  • Demonstration of how to use other common seed saving equipment and tools

Date and Time

Thursday, August 30 | 6 – 8 pm (2 hours)

About the Instructor

Mel Mel Sylvestre has 12 years of experience in small-scale organic production and holds a BSc. in Soil and Plant Science from UBC’s Faculty of Land and Food Systems. In 2012, Melanie initiated The Seed Hub at UBC Farm. The Seed Hub is a project focused on the convergence of seed production, education, research, and community building. She is currently the Perennial, Biodiversity and Seed Hub coordinator at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm. Melanie is also a founding member and the coordinator of the BC Eco Seed Co-op which focuses on growing quality seed for the BC bio-region.


$39 ($32 for registered students — valid student ID is required) + GST

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