Feeding Growth Coffee Series: Farmers Markets – Getting in & Making the Most of it

Feeding Growth Coffee Series
A series of dialogues about food business subjects you care about, in collaboration with engaged food industry partners, and with the Feeding Growth recipe you like: personable and caring food industry mentors; inspiring yet mighty practical insight; and a helpful community of progressive change-makers.

Everything you Need to Know to Make your Way into Farmers Markets
Vancouver Farmers Markets (VFM) it’s 9 markets, $8.5M in annual vendor sales, and a presence in many of Vancouver’s neighborhoods. For your packaged food enterprise, it’s a chance to build a loyal clientele, increase your sales, and build a launchpad to retail.

Yet, entering this prolific market scene also means somehow making it up the long VFM waitlist, meeting a number of regulations and requirements, and making sure your business model is ready for the resource demands of farmers markets clients. Feeding Growth is joining forces with the Vancouver Farmers Markets and BC Association of Farmers Markets to share the ins and outs of finding yourself under a market tent and making sure you make the most of it.

Why come?

  • When else do you get the chance to sit down with such on-the-ground farmers market troopers and ask your specific questions?
  • You create the structure of the discussion: it’s your questions, your approach, your crew of like-minded progressive food entrepreneurs.
  • You learn from peers who deal with similar opportunities and challenges in the natural, organic, specialty food business sphere.
  • You cement key relationships in the progressive food space.
  • Ice cream anyone?

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