Feeding Growth: Scaling Up – Manufacturing or Co-packing?

Scaling Up – Manufacturing or Co-packing?

How do you decide to manufacture yourself or enter into a co-packing deal?

You started out modestly in your own kitchen. Now even your commercial kitchen space is bursting at the seams. As demand keeps growing, you’re encountering growing pains. You need to scale. But is this the right time to scale? Are you going to access a larger manufacturing facility? Build one to your requirements? Or are you thinking it may be worth approaching a co-packer that would manufacture your products?

Join the Feeding Growth Coffee Series and expert Catherine Anderson from Hidden Garden Foods to learn about the diversity of business growth trajectories and determine whether co-packing is right for you and your product line.

Feeding Growth: Scaling Up – Manufacturing or Co-packing?

April 19, 2018, 12:00 pm – 1:15 pm
Earnest Ice Cream — 1829 Quebec Street, Vancouver
Free for alumni, $15 for newcomers

Feeding Growth alumni are folks that have completed the full Scale Your Progressive Food Business workshop series.

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Speaker: Catherine Anderson

Founder & CEO, Hidden Garden Foods
Catherine Anderson is Founder & CEO of Hidden Garden Foods, which manufactures a branded line of vegetable based cookies sold globally. With experience manufacturing herself, using a co-packer, building her manufacturing organization, and now co-packing for other brands, Catherine brings broad insight into the pros and cons of outsourcing manufacturing to a co-packer.

Why Come?

• Whether you’re there or not, learning to recognize the signs that it’s time to scale up, and how to appropriately do it, is key to your business’ success.
• Get answers to the questions that matter most to you — our flexible agenda will enable you to contribute to the conversation.
• Learn from peers who deal with similar opportunities and challenges in the natural, organic, specialty food business sphere.
• Cement key relationships in the progressive food space.
• Ice cream anyone?

About the Feeding Growth Coffee Series

A series of dialogues about food business subjects you care about, in collaboration with engaged food industry partners, and with the Feeding Growth recipe you like: personable and caring food industry mentors; inspiring yet mighty practical insight; and a helpful community of progressive change-makers.


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