UBC Thunderjacks Open House

We are incredibly excited to announce a thunderous new presence at the UBC Farm – The UBC Thunderjacks. The women and men here represent UBC at international collegiate logger sport competitions, where they throw axes, saw giant logs and honour BC forestry traditions.

Hidden away in a corner of the UBC Farm, there have been a dedicated group of UBC students chipping away this fall at creating a beautiful new space for the farm where they will hold practices twice a week. They will be hosting the Grand Opening of their practice on the 28th of November! Come watch them in action, chopping, sawing and axe-throwing! We think you will be very excited to meet the gutsy young women and men who sweat to build this initiative. See you at their open house at the end of this month!

The Faculty of Forestry has been involved with loggers’ sports for decades. The first field was built in the 70s and 80s giving students the opportunity to train and compete. Unfortunately, the program suffered many trials and tribulations and was nearly extinguished. In 2014, one dedicated student committed to reinvigorate the program at UBC, rallied up a team to compete in the American college circuit. After their very successful first year, the field was lost to new development, but the new team’s momentum was not impacted.

They hosted their very first competition in January of 2016, hosting both the University of Montana and Idaho. That spring, the team competed once more in the American college circuit, representing Canada and UBC once again. As of today, The Forestry Undergraduate Society Loggers’ Sports (FUSLS) team has a new field setup at the UBC Farm and are in full swing. Their upcoming events for the 2016-2017 season include attending a competition Remembrance Day weekend in Corvalis Oregon, and plan on going down to another competition at the end of April. They also plan on hosting another competition at the end of January.