Herbal Medicine Workshop


Humans have been on the planet for a very long time but modern western medicine has a much shorter history, so how did we use to deal with illness and maintain our wellness? Herbs have been with us from our beginnings and are still an important part of our ability to take care of ourselves. Fresh knowledge and modern research have now expanded our understanding of herbal medicines. This workshop will look at medicinal uses of both wild and cultivated plants in a beautiful outdoor setting at UBC Farm. Brush up on your plant identification, learn specific things to look for, while participating in a fresh plant harvest and drinking healing teas.

This beginner level workshop will cover the following:

  • Identification of locally available medicinal herbs
  • Sourcing knowledge and seasonal availability of local wild varieties
  • Preservation methods of local medicines for year round use
  • Sampling a variety of medicinal herbs used in dried form, as creams and other formats.

Participants will also bring home handouts as take away references and recipes.

This workshop is the second of two, as a day long course on herbs, that we are hosting with the instructor – Sarah Orlowski. If you take both workshops as a course, we are able to offer registration at a 20% discount. Click here to read more about the first workshop in this course.

About the Instructor

Sarah Orlowski has been a Master Herbalist for decades with a private clinical practice, giving health consultations and treatments. She graduated from the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing and has also been fortunate to have trained in First Nations herbal traditions. She has her Permaculture Design Certificate and believes that growing in accordance with Nature will be the sustainable way of the future. Sarah has taught at many institutions, including SFU, the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, the Canadian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Douglas College and Van Dusen Gardens. Currently, Sarah helps to run her family’s organic fruit & nut orchard and medicinal herb farm in the interior of BC.

Date and Time

Saturday, August 19 | 1:00 to 4:00 PM (3 hours)


$39 ($32 student pricing) + GST

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