Shinrin-yoku: Forest Bathing for Health & Well-being Workshop


In this session we will discuss the preventive benefits of ‘shinrin-yoku’, the medicine of being in the forest, an age old practice from Asia that is rapidly gaining acceptance in Europe. There, primary care and public health practitioners are ‘prescribing’ time in nature for health promotion, disease prevention, convalescence and more. Evidence has shown great promise for shinrin-yoku to improve population health, save health care dollars and encourage forest conservation. We will discuss this win-win situation for Canadian primary care and public health and the budding program at UBC. Despite the abundance of Canada’s forests, shinrin-yoku, and other related health practices, are new here.

About the Instructor

Dr Farah Shroff

Dr. Farah M Shroff is a Faculty member of the UBC Department of Family Practice, the School of Population and Public Health, and recent co-founder of the Canada-India Maternal Infant Health Initiative.

Farah’s research includes social justice and health, and holistic health–the mind/body connection. She has worked in mental well-being, HIV, women’s health and innovations in health design, Ayurveda, registered massage therapy, yoga and more. She will discuss the profound impact of natural environments on health promotion and disease prevention.

Farah was recently a visiting scholar at the University of Brasilia, speaking, amongst other topics, about education as the great equalizer.

Date and Time

Tuesday, Nov 21 | 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm (2 hours)


$39 ($32 for registered students — valid student ID is required) + GST

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