Workshop: Compost Demystified



Have you been feeling intimidated by the lingo and unknown in your compost? Join us for a beginner level composting class. This workshop aims to demonstrate and engage you hands on in everything you need to know about composting in your apartment, household or garden!

This workshop will cover the following topics:

  1. The basic theory behind composting 
  2. Six practical methods of composting as strategies in different situations
    • windrows
    • three bin
    • rotating composters
    • vermi-composting
    • bokashi composting
    • sheet mulching
  3. Participants will get hands on experience in a friendly compost build competition (test your knowledge of compost theory by trying to balance materials, then get feedback on building a pile).

About the Instructor

Emma Holmes is an organic farmer and soil scientist. She studied at UBC’s Faculty of Land and Food Systems (B.Sc. Global Resource Systems) (M.Sc. Soil Science) and completed a permaculture internship at the Bullock Permaculture Homestead in WA. Emma has been passionate about composting since setting up a three bin system for the YWCA rooftop garden in 2008, and has been giving workshops on composting since 2010. Emma regularly teaches composting and soil science at Kwantlen’s Tsawwassen First Nation Farm School.

Date and Time

Saturday, February 25 | 1 – 4 pm (3 hours)


UBC Farm

3461 Ross Drive, Vancouver BC


$45 ($38 student pricing) + GST

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