Feeding Growth: Scale Your Progressive Food Business

Feeding Growth: Scale Your Progressive Food Business

Scale Your Progressive Food Business

What is Feeding Growth?

Feeding Growth supports and scales progressive food brands and entrepreneurs. Through community engagement and education activities, Feeding Growth amplifies the local food economy and helps British Columbia become a globally recognized center for production and innovation of exceptional, healthy, sustainable, and socially responsible retail and packaged goods companies. Feeding Growth is an initiative from the UBC Centre for Sustainable Food Systems, Vancity, and Fluid Creative.


What is the Feeding Growth “Scale Your Progressive Food Business” workshop series?

Scale Your Progressive Food Business is a 5-part workshop series that aims to provide practical tips for progressive retail and packaged goods companies to reach and maintain success. Each workshop focuses on a specific area of food business development: (1) branding & marketing, (2) pricing, sales & distribution, (3) sourcing & manufacturing, and (4) financing & growth. During each workshop, subject experts share their expertise and advice, participants engage in hands-on exercises to explore challenges and opportunities, a notable food entrepreneur shares their story of growth. Each workshop ends with a networking and community building opportunity over local appetizers and craft beer.


Who is the ideal candidate for the “Scale Your Progressive Food Business” workshop series?

  • You are a Canadian entrepreneur in the food transformation or food processing sphere (i.e., retail and packaged goods).
  • Your enterprise is progressive, i.e., with a mixture of local, organic, and/or natural products, and sustainable, ethical business practices. You care about the social and environmental impacts of your business.
  • You are ready to take your business to the next level, but you do not know exactly how to scale up.
  • You want to refine your business’ branding, marketing, manufacturing, distribution, and financing approaches.
  • You love practical tips – you want workshops where you leave with practical tips and proven strategies you can start to implement right away.
  • You value hearing a diversity of perspectives from successful progressive food business veterans.
  • You would like to collaborate with Vancouver’s growing progressive food community and connect with others like you who may have experienced similar opportunities and challenges and from whom you could get advice.