UBC Farm Flowers

Flower Production at the UBC Farm


Photo by: The Ubyssey

The lovely flowers embarrass me,
They make me regret I am not a bee –
~Emily Dickinson, 1864

At the UBC Farm we believe flowers should be grown as our food is grown, local and organic, without the use of chemicals and without traveling across the globe.  The UBC Farm offers people a source for their flowers that directly supports our small-scale community farm and are produced in a way that enhance the environment rather than degrade it.  Check out our flower packages and buy local with us this season!

Local, Sustainable and Seasonal Bouquets


We sell weekly bouquets at our Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday markets throughout the growing season. Bouquets use seasonal flowers grown at the Farm and come in small, medium and large sizes as well as single stems.  Come by one of our markets this season for some beautiful seasonal blooms!

Weddings & Events

AmyweddingCenterpieceView More: http://thenickersons.pass.us/amy--jacobView More: http://thenickersons.pass.us/amy--jacobView More: http://thenickersons.pass.us/amy--jacob

Photographs by The Nickersons

We offer various wedding and event flower packages.  We sell flowers by the bucket to those interested in arranging themselves, as well as offer pre-arranged bridal bouquets, large decorative bouquets, centerpieces and boutonnières.



Photo by Nassi from the Wildbunch

The UBC Farm partners with numerous florists in Vancouver to provide them with local and organic blooms.  If you are a florist interested in sourcing flowers from us please contact us, we would love to work with you!