LFS 496 For-Credit Career Development Internship

The LFS Career Development Internship (LFS 496) prepares UBC students professionally and academically for future careers through a mentored learning experience with a real food business or organization. Students apply the theory they gain from class through on-the-ground food system-related work and through reflections and course assignments that support their practical learning. The positions are unpaid, for-credit internships.

Current Postings:

Community Engagement

Play a vital role in managing community events towards food literacy

Farmers Market

Gain skills in local food marketing and sales

Food Entrepreneur

Make a real difference by training progressive food businesses

Food Systems Communications

Create platforms towards food literacy

Main Mall Community Garden Coordinator

Lead the creation of a community garden

Organic Farming

Learn the ropes of organic agriculture in the heart of campus

Organic Farm – Seed Production

The very foundation of our food system – SEEDS

Shady Acre Farm

Gain practical farming skills on a small-scale operation in Richmond

xʷc̓ic̓əsəm Indigenous Garden Social Media

Create online stories of learning



1) Is it paid?

No, this is a for-credit, unpaid internship.

2) Can I propose an internship?

It may be possible to propose an internship with an off-campus food systems partner. Do to this, please view eligibility criteria here. If you think your potential internship placement is a good fit with LFS 496, please fill out this form.

3) Is there a course syllabus?

Yes, find the LFS 496 Career Development Internship Syllabus here.

4) Do you have to be a student in the Faculty of Land and Food (LFS)?

No, UBC students from any faculty are eligible.

5) Are there required prerequisites?

No, there are no prerequisites for LFS 496.

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