The project library is an access point to decades of publications, reports, posters, and related materials from research projects, directed studies, and other activities that have taken place at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems.

We are currently in the process of linking items in our archives to this library. Please continue to check back as we build a comprehensive repository of research and academic activities from students, faculty, community members, and visiting scientists.

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Author(s) Title Year Type Source
Wittman, H., Dennis, J., Pritchard, H. Planning for Farmland Access: Sustaining an Actively Farmed Land Base for Food Security 2014 Website
Desmarais, A., Wittman, H. Farmers, foodies and First Nations: getting to food sovereignty in Canada 2014 Journal Article The Journal of Peasant Studies
Nijland, W., de Jong, R., de Jong, S., Wulder, M., Bater, C., & Coops, N. Monitoring plant condition and phenology using infrared sensitive consumer grade digital cameras 2014 Journal Article Agricultural and Forest Meteorology
Sipos Randor, Y., Rojas, A. Growing sustainability education through community-university engagement : a case of community-based food system study at the University of British Columbia 2013 Doctoral Dissertation cIRcle
Mundel, E., Chapman, G. Working the system to change the system?: Analyzing intersections between the food movement and health establishment in British Columbia 2013 Doctoral Dissertation cIRcle
Simhon, M. V. The fate of emerging contaminants in wastewater treatment plants 2013 Masters Thesis cIRcle
Chan, Q.W.T., Chan, M.Y., Logan, M., Fang, Y., Higo, H., and Foster, L.J. Honey bee protein atlas at organ-level resolution 2013 Journal Article Genome Research
Lau, K. Y. British Columbia’s ‘carbon neutral government’ mandate: Influence on infrastructure decisions 2013 Masters Thesis cIRcle
Timmerman, N. C. Coherence, consistency, contradiction: Portraits of postsecondary educators seeking ecological integrity 2013 Doctoral Dissertation cIRcle
Schutzbank, M. and A. Riseman Entrepreneurial Urban Farms: An Urban Farming Census of Vancouver 2013 Journal Article The International Journal of Environmental Sustainability
Durgan, E.L. Resistance and complexity: Solutions to urban crises of homelessness and psychopathology through psychiatry, architecture and philosophy. 2013 Doctoral Dissertation cIRcle
Moyers, B. T., & Rieseberg, L. H. Divergence in gene expression is uncoupled from divergence in coding sequence in a secondarily woody sunflower. 2013 Journal Article International Journal of Plant Sciences
Natrasany, S. Analysis of the host-pathogen proteomics of Israeli acute paralysis virus in the honey bee using mass spectrometry. 2013 Masters Thesis cIRcle
Kharouba, H.M. The influence of spatial and temporal climate variation on species’ distributions, phenologies and interactions 2013 Doctoral Dissertation cIRcle
Cassidy, A., Sipos, Y., & Nyrose, S. Supporting Sustainability Education and Leadership: Strategies for Students 2013 Journal Article Handbook of Research on Transnational Higher Education
Kuhnlein, H. V., Fediuk, K., Nelson, C., Howard, E., & Johnson, S. The Legacy of the Nuxalk Food and Nutrition Program for Food Security, Health and Well-being of Indigenous Peoples in British Columbia 2013 Journal Article The British Columbian Quarterly
Moore, D. A discursive exploration of children’s school garden experiences, perspectives, and developing ecological literacies 2013 Masters Thesis cIRcle
Rekken, G.K. Organic fertilizer source effects on protected Solanum lycopersicon L. (tomato) production in south coastal British Columbia 2012 Masters Thesis cIRcle
Ren, Q., Wang, Q.S., Firth, A.E., Chan, M.M.Y., Gouw, J., Guarna, M.M., Foster, L.J., Atkins, J.F., and Jan, E. Alternative reading frame selection mediated by a tRNA-like internal ribosome entry site 2012 Journal Article Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA
Parker, P., Guarna, M.M., Melathopoulos, A.P., Moon, K.-M., White, R., Huxter, E., Pernal S.F., and Foster, L.J. Correlation of proteome-wide changes with social immunity behaviors reveals mechanisms underpinning phenotypic adaptation of the honey bee (Apis mellifera) to disease 2012 Journal Article Genome Biology
Oka, G. An assessment of trace metals in the soil, vegetation and atmospheric deposition of urban areas in Vancouver 2012 Undergraduate Thesis UBC Undergraduate Research
Chappell, M. J., Wittman, H., Bacon, C. M., Ferguson, B. G., Barrios, L. G., Barrios, R. G., & Perfecto, I. Food sovereignty: an alternative paradigm for poverty reduction 2012 Journal Article F1000 Research
Schutzbank, M. H. Growing vegetables in metro Vancouver: An urban farming census 2012 Masters Thesis cIRcle
Chapagain, T., & Riseman, A. Evaluation of heirloom and commercial cultivars of small grains under low input organic systems 2012 Journal Article American Journal of Plant Sciences
Groendal, R.S.M. Children’s perspectives on relationships with non-parental adults: Insights from a structured intergenerational program 2012 Masters Thesis cIRcle

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