The project library is an access point to decades of publications, reports, posters, and related materials from research projects, directed studies, and other activities that have taken place at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems.

We are currently in the process of linking items in our archives to this library. Please continue to check back as we build a comprehensive repository of research and academic activities from students, faculty, community members, and visiting scientists.

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Author(s) Title Year Type Source
Rayner, A. Through peace, friendship, and respect: University hosted outreach programs for aboriginal students in the k-12 system 2012 Masters Thesis cIRcle
McLeod, K. A., Scascitelli, M., & Vellend, M. Detecting small-scale genotype-environment interactions in apomictic dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) populations 2012 Journal Article Journal of Evolutionary Biology
Rojas, A., Sipos, Y., & Valley, W. Reflection on 10 Years of Community-Engaged Scholarship in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at the University of British Columbia-Vancouver 2012 Journal Article Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement
Chan, M.Y.M. Development and application of honey bee in vitro systems 2012 Masters Thesis cIRcle
Lewis, D.A. Constructing local food systems: Land and livelihoods in the Bella Coola Valley 2012 Doctoral Dissertation cIRcle
Foster, L.J. Interpretation of data underlying the link between CCD and an invertebrate iridescent virus 2011 Journal Article Molecular & Cellular Proteomics
Chan, Q.W.T., Parker, R., Sun, Z., Deutsch, E.W., and Foster, L.J. A honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) PeptideAtlas crossing castes and tissues 2011 Journal Article BMC Genomics
Chan, Q.W.T., Cornman, S., Liao, N., Chan, S., Docking, R., Taylor, G., Jones, S., de Graaf, D.C., Evans, J.D., and Foster, L.J. Updated genome assembly and annotation of Paenibacillus larvae, the agent of American Foulbrood disease of honey bees 2011 Journal Article BMC Genomics
Ament, S.A., Chan, Q.W.T., Wheeler, M., Nixon, S.E., Johnson, S.P., Rodriguez-Zas, S., Foster, L.J., and Robinson, G.E. Mechanisms of stable lipid loss in a social insect 2011 Journal Article Journal of Experimental Biology
Chan, Q.W.T., Foster, L.J., Kucher, S., Mutti, N., Amdam, G.V., and Wolschin, F. The worker honeybee fat body proteome is extensively remodeled preceding a major life-history transition 2011 Journal Article PLoS One
Dennis, J., Kou, K., Millar, M. Evaluating the agronomic benefits of biochar amended soils in an organic system: Results from a field study at the UBC Farm, Vancouver. Part I 2011 Project Report cIRcle
Rojas, A., Valley, W., Mansfield, B., Orrego, E., Chapman, G. E., & Harlap, Y. Toward food system sustainability through school food system change: Think&EatGreen@ School and the making of a community-university research alliance 2011 Journal Article Sustainability
Brinkhurst, M., Rose, P., Maurice, G., & Ackerman, J. D. Achieving campus sustainability: top-down, bottom-up, or neither? 2011 Journal Article International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education
Bomford, M. Fields of learning: The student farm movement in North America. 2011 The Improbable Farm in the World City. In L. Sayre & S. Clark (Eds.).
Bennett, D., Yee, A., Rhee, Y., & Cheng KM Effect of diatomaceous earth on parasite load, egg production, and egg quality of free-range organic laying hens 2011 Journal Article International Information System for the Agricultural Science and Technology
Strivelli, R.A., M. Krzic, C. Crowley, S. Dyanatkar, A. Bomke, S.W. Simard, and A. Jakoy Integration of Problem-Based Learning and Web-Based Multimedia to Enhance a Soil Management Course 2011 Journal Article Alliance of Crop, Soil, and Environmental Societies
Costrut, I. Re/learning to Teach: Three teachers’ experiences in an environmental education initiative on an urban farm 2010 Masters Thesis cIRcle
Mundel, E., Chapman, G. A decolonizing approach to health promotion in Canada: the case of the Urban Aboriginal Community 2010 Journal Article Health Promotion International
Chan, M.Y., Choi, S., Chan, Q.W.T., Li, P., Guarna, M.M., and Foster, L.J. Proteome profile and lentiviral transduction of cultured honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) cells 2010 Journal Article Insect Molecular Biology
Parker, R., Melathopoulos, A.P., White, R., Pernal, S.F., Guarna, M.M., and Foster, L.J. Ecological Adaptation of Diverse Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) Populations 2010 Journal Article PLOS One
Strivelli, R. Development of an innovative web-based teaching tool illustrating land use impacts to soil quality and formation 2010 Masters Thesis UBC Theses and Dissertations
Eskes, J. Voices from an aboriginal diabetes awareness, prevention and teaching program 2010 Masters Thesis cIRcle
Richardson, J.M. Foodshed Vancouver: Envisioning a sustainable foodshed for greater Vancouver 2010 Masters Thesis cIRcle
Mayer-Smith, J., Bartosh, O, & Peterat, L. Cultivating and Reflecting on Intergenerational Environmental Education on the Farm 2010 Journal Article Canadian Journal of Environmental Education
Chan, Q.W.T., Melathopoulos, A.P., Pernal S.F., and Foster, L.J. The innate immune and systemic response to a honey bee pathogen, Paenibacillus larvae 2009 Journal Article BMC Genomics

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