Japanese Pickles

Japanese Pickles

About this Workshop

Learn the art of making Japanese-style pickles! In this workshop, participants will learn how to make traditional Japanese Nukazuke pickles as well as Asazuke (quick pickles). Nuka is the Japanese word for rice bran. When brown rice is “polished” to make a whiter rice, every grain of rice is slowly rubbed so that some of the outside bran comes off. What you are left with is a sawdust-like substance that is the rice bran, aka Nuka.

Nuka has many uses in Japanese cuisine, one of which is making pickles. Vegetables that are pickled using Nuka are packed with probiotics. In this hands-on, beginner-friendly workshop, participants will get to make and enjoy two different types of Japanese pickles using, cucumber, daikon radish or/and seasonal vegetables available. All of the food prepared in this workshop will be vegetarian (some of store packed ruka has eggshells) and gluten free.

About the Instructor

Kimiko Suzuki loves sharing her passion for locally sourced, simple and delicious dishes. Born and raised in Wakayama, Japan, she enjoyed the freshness, sweetness and richness of vegetables picked from her grandfather’s garden plot and learned true home-style Japanese cooking techniques in her mother’s kitchen. Kimiko also teaches at Cook Culture and Well Fed Studio and a food writer for Vancouver’s local Japanese language newspaper – Shinpo.

Date and Time

DATE Wednesday, October 9th | 6:00 – 8:00 pm (2 hours)


UBC Farm

3461 Ross Drive, Vancouver BC


$60 Standard ($53 Student) + GST

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