Beginners Basketry with Invasive Species

Beginners Basketry with Invasive Species

Become an urban weaver, learn the art of basketry! Put some of those invasive plants and garden clippings to good use – turn them into baskets!

We’ll cover the basics of twining, one of the most fundamental techniques practiced by BC First Nations groups and European people, and make small baskets to take home. We’ll also discuss how to tell if a plant is useful for weaving, how and when to harvest, and how to process and store your weaving materials. You’ll leave with a whole new appreciation for both the basketry skills of our ancestors and the generosity of our local weeds.

This beginner level workshop will cover the following:

  • Basic fundamentals of twining
  • Identification of plants s itable for weaving in our local bio-region
  • Hands-on practice making a small basket to take home
  • Discussion of how to process and store weaving materials after harvesting
  • Discussion of pre-historic and historic basketry techniques
  • Discussion of contemporary basket technology and commonly found store bought fibers

Participants will be able to take home the project they finish in the workshop.

About the Instructor

Rebecca Graham is an environmental artist and weaver who specializes in creating exciting connections between ancient skills and contemporary knowledge and issues. She is the artistic director of EartHand Gleaners Society. With a background in agriculture and environmental ethics and a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, her workshops reconnect people of all ages and abilities to the land in ways that aim to honour cultures, ancestors, First Nations, and the land itself.

Date and Time

Wednesday, February 27 | 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM (3 hours)


UBC Farm | 3461 Ross Drive


$49 ($42 student pricing) + GST