Food Leaders Roundtable

Food Leaders Roundtable

Feeding Growth and Spring Partnership

Feeding Growth has partnered up with Spring for the Food Leaders Roundtables to offer new Leaders Roundtables and workshops exclusively catered to progressive food businesses.

Feeding Growth’s community and network of partners within the progressive food industry coupled with Spring’s facilitated Leaders Roundtables and access to mentors and expert partners will give impactful food entrepreneurs a platform to connect, discuss challenges and goals and have the support of an industry specific community.

The Leaders Roundtable started as small group of founders, meeting once a month to talk business.

During these roundtable sessions, every topic was fair game. These entrepreneurs discussed and solved everything from financial challenges, to marketing their businesses. Roundtables caught on in the Spring community, with more and more business owners showing interest. Roundtables have evolved since then, following a straightforward format designed to give entrepreneurs the most value.

Membership includes:
  • Monthly, 3-hour meetings
  • 6 – 8 founders per group
  • Share problems and receive actionable feedback from your peers and facilitator

Interested? Apply with Spring. The next intake is in April.