Project Proposals

Land-Based Projects at the UBC Farm

The UBC Farm receives many requests for plots or space to host various levels of research, student activities, and community programming. These are considered ‘land-based projects.’

Before submitting you must consult:

1. The Principles Guiding Proposal’s Approval at the UBC Farm
2. The UBC Farm User Fee Schedule
3. The CSFS Strategic Plan

Find the UBC Strategic Plan here.

Submitted proposals are reviewed by the CSFS Land Committee. We aim to respond to all requests within two weeks. See Principles Guiding Proposal’s Approval at the UBC Farm document (see above) to get informed about the criteria that will be used to evaluate your project.

Note: You may save and continue your application later through our form. You will also receive a copy of your application by email once you submit. Please, save a copy of your proposal for your own records.

Important Resources and FAQs

Any research, teaching, or community-based activity to be carried out at the UBC Farm.

Land-based proposals are approved for a specific period of time (based on the project start date and project end date), generally within the same calendar year. If you are interested to repeat or continue a previously approved project, this will be considered a land based project renewal.

You must fill out the Proposal Submission Form and request approval even if your project is short-term.

Yes, we charge user-site fees for site administration and coordination of your activities within UBC Farm operations and other site users. Find the UBC Farm Land Use Fee Schedule here.

If you have more questions or are unsure whether you should fill in an application, please contact us!