Web Portal to Support BC’s Diversified Agrifood Sector

Web Portal to Support BC’s Diversified Agrifood Sector



Project Team

Dr. Lisa Powell, Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability; Department of Geography, University of Fraser Valley (PI)


Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, B.C. Ministry of Agriculture, Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm, Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security, Whole Foods Market


About the Project

The Web Portal, officially titled the BC Food Web, is a freely-accessible online portal designed to increase access to food systems research results and other resources for producers, processors, policy-makers, educators, and the general public. The portal focuses on meeting the needs of those interested in increasing the sustainability and resilience of the food systems they are part of. The portal includes clear and concise briefs focused on the implications and applications of research. BC Food Web is supported by funding from the Investment Agriculture Foundation of British Columbia, and is hosted by the UBC Centre for Sustainable Food Systems in collaboration with other university and organization partners.

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