Strategic Plan 2024-2029

Our New Plan

CSFS Strategic Plan 2024-2029

Welcome to our new five-year strategic plan! This plan is the culmination of a year of consultation, workshops and feedback, resulting in strategies and actions that truly reflect a shared vision for the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at the UBC Farm.

Our food system is in a moment of critical opportunity. The CSFS is uniquely positioned to develop solutions by bringing together students, faculty, and staff from across a globally renowned University and connect them to networks of farmers, policymakers, and local and Indigenous communities, grounded by our connection to the land at the UBC Farm.

Our goals are ambitious. We invite you to join us.

The Invitation

The Invitation from Our Directors:

The Plan at a Glance
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Vision | Mission | Values

Our Vision

Resilient, thriving, and socially just food systems for all.

Our Mission

To design, facilitate and model food system change through innovative research, place-based learning, knowledge mobilization, community building and stewardship of the UBC Farm.

Our Impact Goals

We aim to have an impact in four key areas: food security, climate, biodiversity, and decolonization.

Our Guiding Values

Long-Term Thinking

We consider the mixed legacies of past generations and the needs of future generations, keeping us accountable as we work to make the urgent changes needed today.

Land Stewardship

We see our role as shared caretakers of the land and recognize our interdependence with all species and people.

Collaborative Leadership

Working with a diversity of partners will help achieve the impact we want to see in the world.

Who do we aim to impact?

The campus community, growers, and learners.

Five Strategies

Our Five Strategic Areas

Our strategic plan is organized into five key strategies that will guide our efforts over the next five years. See the PDFs below for our full set of goals and objectives.

Lead Graphic.

Transformational Agroecological Research

The Challenge

We need to increase the resilience of agriculture to the impacts of a shifting and increasingly volatile and unpredictable climate.

The Goal

To provide a model of organic production and scientific guidance to help support the transition to an effectively sustainable agricultural system.

The Outcome

We are a model organic farm and agroecological research station.

How to “Lead” with us: Find out about our research program, propose a project at the UBC Farm, become a CSFS Associate


Place-Based Education

The Challenge

Complex and interconnected challenges facing our food system require moving beyond the capacity of our current siloed classroom-based educational programs.

The Goal

To develop the next generation of food system leaders and be an inclusive space for sustainable food systems teaching and learning, for UBC students and beyond.

The Outcome

Our educational programs are flourishing and positively impacting learners.

How to “Learn” with us: Join the Practicum, Summer Camp, Tours, Short Courses, and bring your UBC class to the UBC Farm.

Mobilize graphic

Systems & Policy Change

The Challenge

Decision makers and land stewards need guidance and well-organized pressure to address the current challenges facing future generations and ecosystems.

The Goal

To help facilitate the immediate and widespread adoption of agroecological, climate-smart farming practices and instigate changes in policy that will support this work.

The Outcome

Facilitate policy changes and the immediate and widespread adoption of agroecological, climate-smart farming.

How to “Mobilize” with us: Check out BC ACARN, BC Food Web and the BC EcoSeed Co-op, and attend one of our speaker series.


Community Well-Being through Social Enterprise

The Challenge

Efforts to address the complex challenges of our food system are under-resourced, isolated, and unsustainable. Those of us working to address these challenges face mental and financial stress and burnout. Within our immediate community, there are those who are food insecure despite the resources that surround us.

The Goal

To support the community by connecting researchers, learners, and the public to an operational campus farm, while also generating revenue and support that aligns with our values as an agroecological site.

The Outcome

Strong campus and neighbourhood community connection to the UBC Farm

How to “Grow” with us: Come to the UBC Farm Farmers’ Market, attend events like the Long Table Dinners, and volunteer at the UBC Farm.

Grow Graphic
Thrive Graphic

Sustainable Organization & Shared Agroecological Site

The Challenge

We need to develop a shared vision of the long-term future for the UBC Farm.

The Goal

Our goal is to provide the elements required to achieve the goals in each of our strategic areas by building an organization that is sustained by a thriving team and an agroecological site with effective infrastructure and adequate funding.

The Outcome

Our programs are fully supported, we have a thriving and diverse team and we exemplify ecological, climate-friendly and resilient food and seed production

How to “Thrive” with us: Join our staff and team of work learn students and become a supporter of the new Farm Centre.


Read the full plan

To learn more in-depth information about our new Strategic Plan and ambitions for the future, please see the PDFs linked below.

Front Cover CSFS Strategic Plan 2024-29 Compact Version

CSFS Strategic Plan 2024-2029

Compact Version (12 pages)

Front Cover CSFS Strategic Plan 2024-29 Full Version with Action Plans

CSFS Strategic Plan 2024-2029

Full Version with Action Plans (48 Pages)

  Front Cover Retrospective Report 2016-2023

Retrospective Report 2016-2023

(One Page)

Our Programs

Get a sense of all our programs and initiatives and how they fit into our five strategic areas.

Graphic of all our programs and initiatives listed by strategic theme.
Join Us

The CSFS Team of Teams

We are actively seeking partners and collaborators who align with our core values.

We recognize that learning from a diverse range of partners is essential in the development of equitable and inclusive programs. While the CSFS is housed in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, the Centre is designed to bring together people from across campus and support their work at the UBC Farm. As part of our ongoing efforts, we have established a ‘team of teams’ and an External Advisory Committee. This collaborative approach is designed to foster a shared decision-making structure.

Land and Food Systems

Rickey Yada, Dean

David Kitts, Associate Dean of Research

Current CSFS Directors

Sean Smukler

Clare Cullen (Operations)

Current CSFS Associates and Leadership Team

Former CSFS Directors

Mark Bomford

Amy Frye

Andrew Riseman (Academic)

Hannah Wittman (Academic)

Key Founders of the UBC Farm include:

Art Bomke

Kristina Bouris

Barb Campbell

Derek Masselink

Andrew Rushmere

Rosy Smit

Moura Quayle

Ben Willing

Anelyse Weiler

And many more!

The CSFS at UBC Farm would not be able to exist without the hard work and dedication of a staff team that is highly committed to growing organic food, land stewardship and community building.

We welcome your feedback! Please connect with us

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