The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems was born with the mission to build a community of researchers working together to co-create scientific knowledge and evidence-based tools and developments to build a sustainable global food system.

We convene a diverse group of CSFS Associate Faculty, research associates, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students from a range of UBC Faculties: Land and Food Systems, Science, Medicine, Arts, and Forestry, support staff and international visitors.

Our research addresses the social, environmental, and economic sustainability of food systems. The interdisciplinary and collaborative research network we support spans a variety of research themes, from land management to Indigenous food sovereignty; from sustainable practices in organic and conventional food production to the study of ecosystem services provided by biodiversity in agroecosystems. A list of current and past research projects led by CSFS Associates can be found below. We are committed to open-access research and data to support widespread knowledge dissemination; see our Dataverse for access to our published datasets.

The UBC Farm is a core facility supporting teaching, research and community engagement for the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems, and serves as a long-term Living Laboratory where many of the research ideas proposed by CSFS Associates and external researchers are developed, tested and monitored. For new research at the UBC Farm or further collaborations, visit the conduct your project at the UBC Farm or contact our Research Manager.

CSFS Research Projects

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Researcher Profiles

Associate Prof. Jennifer Black

Associate Professor

I care about health equity and I care about ensuring that all Canadians can live a healthy, productive life that allows them to meet their full potential. Making sure that people have access to food (and dignity).

Prof. Sean Smukler

Associate Professor

The UBC Farm has the potential to connect researchers on campus, especially those who are interested in food systems, food production and the environment. This project is really an opportunity to get a bunch of farmers and scientists together at the UBC Farm and start building connections.

Prof. Navin Ramankutty

CSFS Associate Member

I study food security and sustainability on a global scale… More specifically, my research works with global data sets… [I analyze] data to examine how agriculture is changing in different parts of the world and how different farming characteristics or management systems influence environmental outcomes.

Prof. Leonard Foster


Bee health is currently a big concern and everybody agrees that we need to do more to improve the health of bees and the viability of the industry.

Our Researchers in the News
HLPE Report #16 on Youth

HLPE Report #16: Youth engagement in food systems

HLPE Report #16: Youth engagement in food systems “Youth are on the front lines to build the food systems of the future, while also bearing significant risks from climate change, social and economic inequities, and political marginalization.” The HLPE (High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition) Report #16 has been published and […]

Food in a fridge

CBC: Storing perishables during a heat wave

CBC: Storing perishables during a heat wave “Heat can cause food and prescription medication to spoil, potentially exacerbating the heat wave’s deadly effects.” Dr. Siyun Wang, CSFS Associate and Professor at UBC’s Faculty of Land and Food Systems, shared some recommendations for how to keep your perishables safe during a heat wave. Both food and medications can spoil […]

Grist: Salad will survive climate change. But at what cost?

Grist: Salad will survive climate change. But at what cost? “We made eating greens more convenient. Can we make it truly democratic?” Dr. Navin Ramankutty, a professor at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability and School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, commented on the importance of finding a balance between nutritive value and widespread access. He mentioned that even […]

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