Why do we cultivate food? To explore and exemplify healthy and sustainable food systems, encourage sustainable food literacy, foster socially just food systems for all, and cultivate the local food economy.

Discover the UBC Farm through your tastebuds! Get your local, certified organic, farm-fresh seasonal veggies, fruits, herbs, flowers, seeds and free-range eggs straight from the UBC Farm. Throughout the growing season, we offer farm goods through our markets, weekly CSA box, wholesale distribution, and online seed sales.


Farm Gate Sales and Farmers’ Markets

For the 2021 growing season we will be offering two markets each week, both located at the UBC Farm. Starting September 1st we will be offering a third market, every Wednesday, in front of the UBC bookstore.

Our multi-vendor Saturday markets are our biggest, bringing in dozens of vendors selling local fruits, vegetables, meats, baked goods, beverages, mushrooms, food trucks, alcohol, treats, crafts and prepared foods. Tuesday Evening markets provide the opportunity to get your fix of UBC Farm goods during the week, while occasional farm gate sales are scheduled during the winter and spring. Seasonal u-picks for berries, pumpkins, hops and more often take place alongside our markets, but this is undetermined for the 2021 season because of COVID-19. Stay tuned for updates, and make sure you are aware of our Shopper Guidelines for the season, found below.

Market Details:
    Please refer to UBC's COVID-19 Campus Rules for updated guidance around UBC Campus spaces.

  • Masks - Masks are recommended to be worn while you are visiting on the farm.
  • Parking - The lot directly outside the UBC Farm has 2 hours of free parking for our visitors. Review this map to see other parking areas, marked in orange. Click here for more parking options in the Wesbrook Village, including EV and car share areas.
  • Payments - We encourage card payments at this time, but cash remains to be a payment option.
  • Hand sanitizing - Please sanitize your hands upon entering the market at our sanitization station. Within the market there is a handwashing station and a few more sanitization stations to keep your hands clean throughout your visit.
  • Vendor Queues - Pylons mark the start of a vendor queue, maintain a distance of 2 metres from all other customers in the queue.
  • Grabbing your goods - Please avoid touching vendor products, unless directly instructed by the vendor themselves. In most cases vendors will package products for you, but in situations when you are packing your own bag, do not let your personal items come in contact with their work space.
  • Weekly Map - Market maps will be updated on the Friday before market so you can see exactly where vendors will be located.
  • Market Prizes - UBC Farm Market Stamp Cards will not be used this season, but we will still be drawing winners for market gift cards every two months. Please refer to our Saturday Market section below for more details.
Saturday Multi-vendor Farmers' Markets

Saturdays, 10:00am-2:00pm at the UBC Farm: June 5 to November 27, 2021

Don't miss the only multi-vendor farmers' market in Vancouver located on a working farm! Get your fill of fresh local meats and produce, browse the yummy treats and enjoy the outdoors while you grab lunch and a coffee-to-go.

In addition to certified organic and farm-fresh produce, fruits, herbs, and free-range eggs from the UBC Farm, the Saturday Multi-vendor Farmers' Market also features a variety of other local vendors selling meat, cheese, mushrooms, fruit, vegetables, nursery plants, baked goods, alcohol, and prepared foods, alongside food and coffee trucks.

Photo of cherry tomatoes at the Farm's market.

When we draw - We will draw two winners every two months (Jun/Jul, Aug/Sept, Oct/Nov). The draws will take place at the end of July and September, and we will do our final draw in mid-November.

Prizes - We will draw two winners that will each receive $25 in UBC Farm Market gift cards.

Survey entries -Fill out one shopper survey within every two-month interval and include your email to enter for a prize. Your email will only be entered once, so please only submit one survey per draw period.
Social media entries - If you want more chances to win, post a photo of what you purchase at our market on Instagram. On you post, tag @UBCFarm and use the hashtag #UBCFarmHaul. You can receive one extra entry each week if you make a post (new hauls needed each week)!

Tuesdays, 4:00pm-6:00pm at the UBC Farm (Starting June 8, 2021)

The UBC Farm Tuesday evening market features our farm-fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers and free-range eggs. Stop by and pick up some fresh ingredients for dinner! Cash, Interac, Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

Wednesday markets are back!

Wednesday campus markets are returning from September 1st, 2021 until October 27th, 2021 you can find us at Lee Square outside the bookstore every Wednesday from 11:00am until 2:00pm. The UBC Farm Wednesday Campus Market features an assortment of fresh UBC Farm vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers. This mid-week market in front of the UBC Bookstore offers students, staff and faculty members a convenient opportunity to purchase UBC Farm produce. Cash, Interac, Visa and Mastercard are accepted. Customers are encouraged to bring their own bags.

Please refer to UBC's COVID-19 Campus Rules for updated guidance around UBC Campus spaces.

  • Masks - Masks are recommended to be worn while you are visiting the Farm stand. Please do not shop if you are sick!
  • Payments - We encourage card payments at this time, but cash remains to be a payment option.
  • Hand sanitizing - Please sanitize your hands upon entering the market line - hand sanitizer is available before you browse.
  • Farm Stall Queues -Please maintain a distance of 2 metres from all other customers in the queue.
  • Grabbing your goods - Please avoid touching produce that you do not intend to purchase.
  • Interested in becoming a vendor?

    Grow your business and build community this summer at the only Farmers Market located on a working farm in Vancouver! Our market, serving the local food economy since 2004, offers great opportunities for new and returning vendors with a growing and untapped customer base, ease of access, promotional support, low fees, fantastic community, and an unparalleled experience on a beautiful farm setting in the city. Join the market and see for yourself why vendors and shoppers alike love spending their Saturdays on this picturesque farm, with all the amenities and activities of a bustling city market.

    The market takes place every Saturday from June 5 – November 27, 2021 at UBC Farm, 3461 Ross Drive, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. We are limited in the number of vendors in certain product categories that we can accept to the market, so please apply as soon as possible to ensure the dates you want.

    We are looking for recurring and weekly vendors from the following categories for our fall market dates:

      • Producers/Farmers
      • Cheese/Dairy
      • Meat/Seafood
      • Beverage Service (including coffee, tea, and smoothies)
      • Prepared Food
      • Food Service (including food trucks)
      • Nursery Products
      • Service Vendors (such as massage and bike repairs)
      • Alcohol (such as beer, wine, cider and spirits)
      • Wild Harvest
      • Craft Vendors (including pet care and body products) - Availability TBA
      • Because of COVID-19 we will not have Community Tables featured at our market this season.

    Our 2021 Saturday Market Vendor Application is currently open and accepting applications.

    How to apply:

    1. Ensure that you make, bake, grow, or provide the service yourself
      • As a member of the British Columbia Association of Farmers’ Markets (BCAFM), our market adheres principle that all products sold at the market must be made, baked, grown, or raised by the vendor themselves; we also commit to vendors whose products are made, baked, grown or raised in BC
    2. Review the UBC Farm Saturday Market Vendor Guide

      • This page explains more about our market as well as market fees, logistics, guidelines, policies, health and safety, and how to apply; please familiarize yourself with all the sections listed on that page before applying
    3. Apply online and pay your application fee
      • You will hear back from us soon after to learn if your application is approved, pending, waitlisted, or declined

    Questions at any time can be directed to our CSA & Market Manager Kyne Tsai at or (604)-822-5092.

    Interested in busking at our market?

    If you are interested in busking and would like to be put on our contact list for the 2022 Market Season please email with the subject line "Busking at Market."


    CSA is an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture.

    CSAs connect farmers and consumers in a partnership creating an alternative, locally-based economic model of agriculture and food distribution. In such a partnership CSA members buy a share in the farm at the beginning of the season and then receive a weekly box of farm goods throughout the growing season. CSAs help farmers by providing income early in the season when startup costs are high, and by guaranteeing a market for the farmer’s produce. In return, members receive a regular supply of fresh, nutritious produce grown in an ecologically sustainable way. Additionally, we often host several CSA-exclusive U-pick sessions throughout the season.

    Produce CSA

    The UBC Farm CSA program provides members of the UBC campus and broader community with a weekly box of fresh, healthy, local, organic produce grown locally at the UBC Farm.

    Program Duration

    The program typically starts mid-June and runs until the end of October. However, the start and end dates may vary by one or two weeks due to seasonal variations. Regardless of the start date, the program will run for 20 weeks.

    For CSA 2021, the program will run from June 12-October 23 for our Saturday members and June 15-October 26 for our Tuesday members.

    CSA 2022 dates: TBA
    Pick-up Days and Times

    At the UBC Farm Tuesdays (4:00 pm to 6:00 pm) or on Saturdays (11:00 am to 1:30 pm). During registration, members commit to one pick-up day for the entire season. Members need to bring their own bags/baskets/containers to bring their produce home. Please reach out to us if you're expecting to miss picking up your share, we strongly encourage you to arrange for someone else to pick up your share for you.

    Please note that we do not have the capacity to allow for other alternate pick-up times, nor are we able to hold your share until the next available pick-up day. Refunds will not be issued for missed pick-up.

    Pick-up changes for Saturday CSA: The pick-up stand has been relocated closer to the gate, beside the outdoor cooler. This will not only increase the visibility of the stand but also facilitate the ease of access to everyone coming in and out through the gate with this year's queue system. We will have an option for you to skip the queue if you'd rather only pick up your share instead without browsing the other vendors.


    $600 membership for the season, which equates to $30.00 value per week over a 20 week season. Online debit or credit card payment for the CSA Program is due at the time of registration. The payment is 80% refundable up to May 30, 2021, and non-refundable thereafter.


    We are currently full for our 2021 season. Please click here to sign up for our CSA 2022 waitlist.

    Important Dates:

    Registration status: Registration for CSA 2021 is now closed. Please click the link above to sign up for the waitlist for our 2022 season. You will be notified by email when an available spot for you becomes available.

    CSA 2022 dates: TBA

    What’s in a weekly share?

    The variety of the box will change week to week as we progress through the season. Each week consists of 5 to 8 items, enough for two people who eat a lot of vegetables. You can expect to receive more items in the late summer when more varieties are available. Please keep in mind we only grow three types of fruits (strawberries, blueberries, and apples), all of which have brief harvest windows. The program will introduce you to lesser known veggies, as well as familiar favorites.

    If you are registered for our 2021 CSA and have not been receiving our weekly CSA newsletter after the first pick-up day, please send us an email for you to be added to our mailing list.

    We are excited to be able to open up a flower share this year to accompany our usual produce CSA. The bouquets will be freshly arranged and ready for you to bring home on your pickup day. We are currently allotting 25 spots for Tuesday pickup and 20 spots for Saturday pickup.

    Cost and Pick-up Details

    Pick-up hours will follow our produce CSA hours (4pm-6:00pm on Tuesdays and 11am-2pm on Saturdays). Further details and registration information will be announced in June 2022.


    To sign up for the 2022 flower CSA waitlist, please click here.

    What if I don't like everything?

    We encourage you to enjoy all the produce in your weekly box, even if it is not your favorite. Some things do take time to love. You may find yourself learning to love what you previously thought unlovable. Each week we will include a recipe for the week’s produce in case you’re unsure of how to cook it within our CSA weekly newsletter.

    How do I pick-up?

    Our pick-up location is situated in front of the harvest hut near the gate. You would need to sign in and provide your own bags to carry produce home with you. The CSA stand will be setup with bulk produce bins for you to pick out your share. We encourage that face masks be worn for extra safety, however, it is not required.

    What if I can't make it to pick-up on time?

    Unfortunately, pick-up is unavailable outside of the listed pick-up days. Therefore, please email us at as know as soon as possible for us to arrange an alternate solution for you. We will not be able to hold your share past your chosen pick-up day.

    Can I purchase add-ons?

    There are two ways to purchase add-ons. 1) Members can add a flower CSA and/or place specific orders for seasonal specialty & bulk items, if available. 2) Members can simply purchase add-ons at our Tuesday or Saturday markets while picking up the CSA share. All non-prepaid add-on items need to be paid for at the time of pick-up. We accept cash, debit or credit cards for add-on payments.

    While add-ons are subject to availability, they are always filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Assuming availability, members are still charged for pre-ordered add-ons even when they do not pick up their shares. Similar to your share, if your pre-ordered add-ons are not picked up they will be redistributed to avoid waste.

    Are there different share sizes?

    We currently do not offer different share sizes. We recommend finding a friend to split a share if you are not interested in a full share. We also limit shares to one per household in order to provide more household access to UBC Farm produce. Members wanting additional produce can always purchase add-ons at the Tuesday and Saturday markets.

    Is the UBC Farm Certified Organic?

    Yes! Read more about what organic means at the UBC Farm.

    What is unique about UBC Farm’s CSA program?

    The CSA program is an agricultural marketing and distribution initiative that is part of the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems within the UBC Faculty of Land and Food Systems. While we strive to provide professional quality services to our CSA members, the ultimate goal of the program is educational. The CSA program provides experiential learning opportunities for both students and volunteers, and all financial proceeds go towards the operation of the farm. More than 2,500 students each year directly benefit from this unique learning environment.

    For more information on CSA programs

    Access USDA’s database of publications related to Community Supported Agriculture, including surveys and statistics on the economic benefits of such programs.

    If you have any further questions, please contact our CSA Coordinator at


    Buying Wholesale

    Direct sales from the UBC Farm fields to local restaurants.

    The UBC Farm has made efforts to connect restaurants and chefs in the city of Vancouver with our local, sustainable, and organic produce. Chefs have the opportunity to place an order directly with our farmers week-to-week, and our team will harvest the produce fresh to order and deliver directly to the Chef's kitchen on Tuesdays. These supply relationships allow further representation of the UBC Farm's mission to spread beyond our academic campus and engage the public in the importance of local purchasing at all levels.

    Please contact us for information on direct sales of UBC Farm produce.


    Purchasing Flowers

    Interested in sourcing freshly cut flowers from the UBC Farm?

    At the UBC Farm, we believe flowers should be grown as our food is grown – locally and organic, without the use of chemicals and without travelling across the globe. By purchasing flowers from the UBC Farm, you are supporting the Farm in its efforts to cultivate a space which feeds the community, educates all ages about land stewardship, and is at the vanguard of research to continue the advance of organic growing practices.

    A field with multiple types of flowers at the Farm.

    The UBC Farm offers people a source for their flowers that directly supports our small-scale community farm and are produced in a way that enhances the environment rather than degrades it. Our flowers are all grown on-site on just under ¼ of an acre, using ecologically sustainable practices; like everything we grow, they are Certified Organic. We work to improve our soils through compost, amendments and cover cropping. The diversity of our blooms provide an extended season of forage for native pollinators, as well as our honey bees. Buying UBC Farm flowers means that your flowers will have travelled the shortest distance possible from our field to your home or event.

    We may be small, but our blooms are incredibly diverse! We grow over 40 varieties of annual and perennial cut flowers. Our bouquets are always seasonal, offering incredible variety from summer to fall. We focus on flower varieties that perform well in our climate and with our soil conditions. Many of the flowers we grow are harder to find in grocery stores or florist shops, as they cannot easily withstanding the long-distance travel the commercial floral industry is based on. A quick visit to the flower field will be enough to show you the incredible range of varieties and colours available throughout the season. Check out our flower packages and buy locally with us this season!

    Local, Sustainable and Seasonal Market Bouquets

    We sell weekly bouquets at our Tuesday Evening Market, Wednesday Bookstore Market and Saturday UBC Farm Farmers’ Market throughout the growing season, from July to September.

    Come by one of our markets this season for some beautiful seasonal blooms!


    If you are a florist interested in sourcing flowers from us during our growing season please contact us for a fresh sheet, we would love to work with you! Please get in touch by email.

    Wedding and Event Packages

    Two people pulling a cart with flowers and plants.

    In recent years, we’ve enjoyed offering flower packages for weddings. Being that we host many weddings on the Farm, it seems especially fitting for the flowers to come from a field that’s just around the corner from the wedding itself.

    Our flowers are generally available from June to early October, with some shifts in availability depending on the weather. Because we are selling seasonal flowers, we can’t guarantee that particular varieties or colours will be available for the day of your event, but we will provide armfuls of fresh, beautiful blooms that fit your vision, as nature allows.

    We only sell flowers by the bucket to those interested in arranging themselves, leaving the creative vision or arrangements in your capable hands.

    Curious to learn more? Send us an email at with your wedding date, vision for flowers in your ceremony, and any other questions you have about the process.

    Since we’re not eating the flowers (though we do grow edible varieties too!), is it important to follow organic practices? In short, yes. Conventionally grown flowers are tied to a variety of chemicals during both the growing and the processing phases. This includes synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and floral preservatives. These chemicals are damaging to both the environment and the health of the farmers and florists working with them. Sustainable growing practices and land stewardship apply to all crops, be it something we eat, or something like flowers which beautifies a space and helps lift our spirits. In terms of supporting local agriculture, the narrative is similar to that of local food: buying local, sustainably-grown flowers encourages ecologically-responsible agriculture, supports farmers in your community, and ensures you are getting the freshest bouquets possible.

    An assorted collection of orange and red flowers.


    UBC Farm Seeds

    Plan your season with us

    Here at the UBC Farm, we are committed to preserving our seeds as certified organic, open-pollinated, regionally adapted, held in the public domain, and GE-free. One of our core beliefs is that seed sovereignty is an essential part of sustainable bioregional food systems. That is why we are dedicated to our seed trials research with FarmFolk CityFolk, and are founding members of BC's very own Eco Seed Co-op. If you are looking for ecologically sound seeds for your garden or farm, and want to support research for the public interest, consider growing your farm or garden with our seeds.

    Our seeds are now available to order online at the BC Eco Seed Coop!
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