Field Trips and Course Collaboration Request Form

Field Trips and Course Collaboration Request

The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems provides a suite of academic services for college and university groups including guided tours, guest lectures, community service learning, and bookable classroom/learning space both indoors and outdoors at the UBC Farm.

Looking to bring your class to the UBC Farm? Please fill out our form below.

Some examples of UBC classes we hosted in 2018/2019:

  • APBI/PLANT 490/590 (Juli Carrillo) Activity: Field Course – Conservation Agriculture and Biodiversity Monitoring at UBC Farm
  • APBI 403 /SOIL 503 (Sandra Brown, Maja Kržić) Activity: Soil Sampling at various UBC Farm sites
  • BIOL 323 (Brett Couch) Activity: Structure and Reproduction of Fungi in the UBC Farm Agroforestry trail
See our CSFS-Engaged Classes for more.

Field Trips and Course Collaboration Request Form

This form allows us to determine if we are able to fulfill your request and begin your course’s administrative file once your collaboration is accepted by the CSFS team. The more you are able to describe and provide, the easier it will be for us to discuss the feasibility of hosting your course at the UBC Farm.

If you are looking for a guided academic tour or in-class lecture, see our Tour and Class Lecture Request Form. Or if you are looking for a community group or children’s tour click here.