UBC Farm Farmers’ Market Vendors

UBC Farm Farmers’ Market Vendors

Here is the list of vendors who will be at our market this year! All of our vendors’ products are either made, baked, or grown in BC. Check out the interactive map below to see our vendor distribution last year!

Continue below to learn all about the vendors at our market on Saturdays for our 2024 season. Be sure to check back regularly as new vendors are being confirmed weekly! Want to request a vendor's appearance or refer one to our market? Our market email is ubcfarm.market@ubc.ca!

Looking for a particular vendor? Click here to search through our full vendor list and view their market dates!

Aurora View Farms

Prince George, BC - 7th season at our market
Aurora View Farms is a Certified Organic ranch that provides 100% grassfed and finished beef. Our animals are hormone, steroid and antibiotic free as well as Free Roaming. Our cattle grazing on numerous pastures of grasses in the summer months and in the winter on hay we produce ourselves- never feeding grain or corn. We sell an assortment of all beef cuts (steaks, roasts, brisket, lean ground, stew, soup bones, etc), as well as jerky, pepperoni, garlic sausage, Mennonite sausage and burger patties. We have lots of gluten free options as well. We received our organic certification this May 2018! We are a real family farm to plate operation. We believe in holistic farming practices and we also produce all our own feed for our animals.

Baker Breeze Farm

Abbotsford, BC - 6th season at our market

Farming produce with primary focus on heirloom tomatoes and strawberries using organic practices only growing in soil not hydroponic!


Surrey, BC - 4th season at our market
BloomSpore offers unique cultivated and wild foraged mushrooms, grown in organic materials or wild harvested from all over British Columbia. At our farm, we cultivate oysters (pearl, white and black pearl) and other gourmet varieties, and we collaborate with neighboring farms from the Langley area to supply a diversity of mushrooms for the market including shiitake, button, crimini, Portobello. BloomSpore also offers a variety of mycological supplies such as oyster, shiitake, and lion mane growing bags, liquid culture, sterilized substrate, agar plates, and mushroom logs for outdoor cultivation. We offer educational material to support the growers and to introduce new ways of cooking to our customers.

Flora Farms

Abbotsford, BC - 2nd season at our market
Cut flower farm in Sumas, Abbotsford that specializes in cut daffodils, tulips, peonies, and sunflowers.

Just Peachy Fruits

Oliver, BC - 3rd season at our market

We export fruit from a family owned orchard. Based out of Oliver BC. We would love for everyone to be able to experience the delicious okanagan cherry.

K&M Orchards

Oliver, BC - 4th season at our market

Located in Oliver.

Make Do Acres

Burnaby, BC - 1st season at our market

I'm a solo woman farmer, dedicated to stewarding the land I serve towards ecological and nutritional abundance. I grow the highest quality herbs and mixed vegetables, for the love of beautiful and delicious plant-based food. I also practice art and magic with plants, and I create a few witch crafts and art objects to share on the market table, too. I believe that small scale, local, ecological vegetable farming will be a key part of the climate-resilient and joyful community I wish to be a part of. I look forward to meeting you at market or online. Nb: I'm not certified organic, but I will never use harmful pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers on my crops.

Mandair Farms

Abbotsford, BC - 4th season at our market
Established in 2007, Mandair Farms is a family owned and operated farm that strives to provide its surrounding communities with freshly grown local produce.

Moxie Mushrooms

Delta, BC - 1st season at our market
Fresh gourmet mushrooms and mushroom products produced using vertical urban farming and natural growing methods

Maya in Exile Garden

Vancouver, BC - 15th season at our market
In 1986 five Maya families came to Canada as refugees from Guatemala. Nearly a decade later, urged on by a UBC student, these families secured a plot of land at UBC Farm to practice their Mayan farming traditions and keep this millennia-old cultural knowledge alive for future generations. Now, firmly rooted in the Maya in Exile Garden, the ancestral crops known as the “Three Sisters” (corn, beans and squash) are grown along with an ebullient array of flowers and sold at UBC Farm’s Saturday markets. Along with the garden’s output, the goal is to celebrate and share this rich yet relatively unknown Indigenous knowledge and its stories in order to educate local people about true Mayan culture. To that end, members of the Maya in Exile Garden offer public workshops such as Three Sisters in the Kitchen and what is a traditional Maya cooking workshop. Authentic meals utilizing las tres hermanas (The Three Sisters) are featured, such as tamalitos de flor de calabaza con salsa de miltomate (tamales filled with squash flowers served with tomatillo salsa), ensalada tradicional (traditional salad), ejotes en sopa (green beans in soup) and dulce de calabaza (squash dessert). Keep an eye out for these workshops by joining the newsletter and meet the members of the Maya in Exile Garden at the farmers market every Saturday. Proceeds from the garden’s sales help fund a project in Guatemala that develops Mayan girls’ weaving skills to create unique, sellable goods and thus help lift these other families’ incomes and futures.

Meme Urban Farm

Richmond, BC - 2nd season at our market
We are an Urban/Vertical farm in located in Richmond BC. Our goal is to provide fresh, nutritious, organically grown Microgreens to the community. All our products are freshly harvested to ensure the freshness and best quality for our customers.

MM Succulents

Burnaby, BC - 1st season at our market
Bring lovely and colourful succulents home, make your home warmer!

Purple Thumb Plants

Vancouver, BC - 4th season at our market

Purple Thumb Plants is a small sustainable plant nursery growing apartment friendly houseplants here in Vancouver, BC.

Sunshine Meadow Farms

Pitt Meadows, BC - 2nd season at our market

It's a local business located in Pitt Meadows. We are committed to providing the highest quality fruits and vegetables. We grow all of the berries and a variety of vegetables such as green beans, green peas, red beets, green onions, radishes, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, herbs, Russian garlic, Okanagan fruits and Free-range farm fresh eggs. Our hens are not fed any soy or GMO feed.

UBC Farm Market Stall

Vancouver, BC
We will be open on all market dates including Tuesday evenings from 4pm to 6pm in the season!
Discover the UBC Farm through your tastebuds! Get your local, certified organic, farm-fresh seasonal veggies, fruits, herbs, flowers and free-range eggs grown a stone's throw from where the Farmers Market takes place. We grow more than 200 varieties of produce on eight acres through the hard work of our staff, practicum students, volunteers, and UBC student interns. As a certified organic operation, we prioritize biodiversity and regeneration of the soil and ecosystems on our beautiful 60-acre site. Your purchase of UBC Farm-grown produce supports our diverse activities including community programs, research and teaching as we explore and exemplify just and sustainable food systems.

UBC Farm Practicum Program

Vancouver, BC - 14th season at our market
The UBC Farm Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture is an eight month experiential learning program designed for aspiring farmers, urban gardeners, environmental educators, and students with an interest in applying their learning about sustainable agriculture and food systems. Students bring a diversity of backgrounds and life experience to the practicum. Our program graduates share a vision of livelihoods and lifestyles grounded in sustainable and community-based food systems.
The Practicum program is hosted at the UBC Farm, a living laboratory of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. The UBC Farm is the site of the majority of farming activities, guest speaker presentations, and classroom sessions. Practicum students also have the opportunity to travel to a number of local farm operations, and to make personal connections with experienced food growers.

The Practicum is a hands-on educational program designed to provide a full growing season of food production experience to anyone with a strong interest in sustainable agriculture and food systems. The UBC Farm Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture curriculum is organized as a part-time, eight-month program balanced through the season with 70% seasonal field production and direct marketing activities and 30% classroom, farm field trips, faculty and guest speakers, student seminars and workshops.

Vancouver Rare Plants

Richmond, BC - 1st season at our market
We specialize in offering a diverse collection of rare and hard-to-find variegated plants, featuring coveted species such as Monstera spp., Alocasia spp., and more.

Vida Farm

Richmond, BC - 6th season at our market
This is a small scale urban farm that is running by passionate people who care about food security and community health. We grow organic food locally because we value to provide fresher and tastier vegetables with higher nutrition with less carbon footprint.

Angkor Harvest

Richmond, BC - 2nd season at our market
Pan’ya Neou and Sophea Heang, are founders of family-owned and operated Angkor Harvest, based in Steveston, BC. Angkor Harvest makes premium, unique, tradition Cambodian beef and chicken skewer with using of local and imported ingredients. our healthy herbal ingredients with no msg andno gluten.

Ay! Mamacita Artisan Street Food

Vancouver, BC - 4th season at our market
Casual Traditional Mexican cuisine. A current face to the family recipes made with locally sourced ingredients, sustainable practices, and "Mucho Amor". Heirloom corn tortillas are featured in our menu which is entirely GLUTEN FREE. We offer vegetarian and vegan options.

Bali Bites 2 Go

Vancouver, BC - 2nd season at our market
Bali Bites Food Truck serving authentic Indonesian fare in your community! We've been selling our delicious Indonesian peanut sauces and spicy chili sauces in the farmer's market for the past 5 years, we decided to restart the other passion of cooking Indonesian cuisine! Our Indonesian food truck will introduce authentic and traditional dishes using fresh products from local vendors and of course our popular sauces!
Come and experience Bali 2 Go!


Vancouver, BC - 2nd season at our market
Bistrotvan is a familly operated food-truck, we offer a variety of delicious sweet and savory traditional organic or vegan crepes, the fillings are always fresh, we favour home made, organic and locally sourced.

Boteco Brasil

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market
Boteco Brasil is a restaurant in East Van that since 2015 has been selling authentic Brazilian food. In 2023, we bought a Food truck, which sells delicious BBQ skewers (beef, chicken, chicken wrapped in bacon, veggies, and cheeses). Also, we have finger foods such as coxinhas and cheese balls (mashed potato dough filled with shredded spiced chicken or mozzarella cheese, breaded and deep fried. For dessert, we have chocolate cake filled with condensed milk and coconut and covered with chocolate icing. We also sell juices; Passion fruit, Mango, and Cashew.

Camion Cafe

Vancouver, BC - 3rd season at our market
Food Trailer serves Vietnamese spring rolls, salad rolls, sandwiches and coffee

Fresh Prep

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market
We are Fresh Prep, a BC-based meal kits and more delivery service. Answering "what's to eat" since 2015, we specialize in meal kits and ready-to-eat meals and snacks that taste great and make you feel great!

Mister G's Cookhouse

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market
Mister G's is a mobile smokehouse, dedicated to showcasing the possibilities of what can be achieved on a smoker. Most people think large cuts of beef, not us. We are looking to bring our freshly smoked nuts to the Local Farmers Markets. Although we do offer BBQ in a private booking setting, we are looking to showcase dried goods at the market. Specifically our Smoked Honey & Cheddar Cashews. We are also capable of smoking our nuts onsite. Sending addictive aromas into the air and providing a unique atmosphere and experience to the farmers market. We also provide a unique line of limited time offered sauces, and cold smoked sweets ( Smoked apples with maple caramel ) and non-alcoholic drinks for the summer months.


Vancouver, BC - 6th season at our market
NaMì food-cart brings the authentic flavours of Vietnamese cuisine to the heart of downtown Vancouver. NaMì serves up a variety of fresh, grab-and-go bánh mì baguette sandwiches as well as vibrant vermicelli bowls! Enjoy other Vietnamese fares such as spring rolls, salad rolls, and Vietnamese Coffee!

The Mad Greek Food Truck

North Delta, BC - 1st season at our market
Traditional Greek street food

Tokyo Katsu-sand

New Westminster, BC - 3rd season at our market
The first food truck for serving “real Japanese style Katsu sand” has arrived in Vancouver! Tokyo Katsu-sand will offer a very popular sandwich in Japan “Katsu-sand” to you.

A Bread Affair

Langley, BC - 15th season at our market

A Bread Affair bakes hand crafted locally sourced certified organic artisan breads, along with the best artisan pastries.

Auntie Sydney Bakes

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market

Auntie Sydney is creating small batch edible art and preserves in East Vancouver. An artist turned baker and urban farmer, Sydney will be offering a rotating menu of cookies, cakes, crackers and jams inspired by seasonal produce, edible flowers from her garden, and rare and unusual flavour pairings. We eat with our eyes first, and Sydney draws upon her background as a visual artist to create visually stunning bakes that are almost too beautiful to eat. Having trained as a farmer at UBC farm, Sydney has translated this deeper knowledge of growing food into her bakes, making sure to keep ingredients seasonal and local and to support local food growers. A portion of sales will be allocated as charitable donations for different organizations fighting local food insecurity.

Bar Down Cookies

Port Coquitlam, BC - 1st season at our market

Bar Down Cookies is owned by a local brother and sister team offering Vancouver's best brookies. After spending hundreds of hours perfecting their recipes, their brookies are the perfect fusion of a brownie and a cookie. Each brookie tastes like a cookie, but has the irresistible fudge-y texture of a brownie and is always baked fresh, just for you. The best part? Bar Down Cookies is a community-forward company and is entirely themed after hockey as they donate a percentage of each purchase to KidSport Vancouver to support local children and youth to play sports when their families face financial barriers. Whether you are picking up a 'Hat Trick' (box of 3 brookies) or choosing one of their eight irresistible flavours, you’ll get to enjoy the best of both worlds; delicious brookies and giving back to your community.
A brother and sister team offering delicious cookie bars that give back to the community and incorporate the great Canadian sport; hockey. Started as a way to spend more time together when Kayla came home from university, Bar Down Cookies has grown into an opportunity to give back and support their community. A portion of sales is donated to Kids Sport Vancouver, which helps youth, whose families face financial barriers, to participate in sports. Whether you are grabbing a ‘Hall of Famer’ (classic chocolate chip) or picking up a hat-trick (pack of three cookies) you’ll get to enjoy the best of both worlds; delicious cookie bars and giving back to your community.

Ca Croustille Bakery

Vancouver, BC - 6th season at our market
Authentic French Baked Goods proudly made from scratch in Vancouver.

Damaskino Pastry

New Westminster, BC - 1st season at our market
Damaskino Pastry, created by Rana Alkari, brings the delightful flavours of traditional Syrian cookies to your table. Rana specializes in the art of crafting maamoul cookies, which hold a special place in Syrian culinary heritage. Her personal favourite features a delectable filling of pistachio and date, enhanced with the subtle crunch of pecans. With each bite, you'll experience the authentic flavours and textures that have been passed down through generations.
Passionate about sharing the wonders of Syrian cuisine, Rana embraces the opportunity to teach others about the unique flavours, techniques, and traditions that make Syrian food so special.
Through Damaskino Pastry, she invites you to embark on a delectable journey, where every bite tells a story of tradition, culture, and the warmth of homemade treats.

eF & Be Bakehouse

Burnaby, BC - 2nd season at our market

We are an online bakery based in Burnaby, BC. We specialize in making high quality authentic Japanese baked goods.

Elaichi Patisserie

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market

At Elaichi Patisserie, we undertake immense pride in being a one stop shop for all your celebrations be it a big event or an intimate celebration, or just being a part of your breakfast ritual with our savory pastries.

We offer Indian inspired assorted pastries, celebration cakes, french style cakes called Entremet. We believe, food is a connection that brings people together irrespective of their language, culture, age or nationality. And that is the reason, we started Elaichi patisserie to spread a bit more of love through food.

Mama's Bakery

Surrey, BC - 1st season at our market
Family-Owned, Locally Adored!

Mama's Bakery, a start-up family-run establishment, takes pride in crafting irresistibly fresh baked goods at modest prices. On the retail side, we are committed to providing our community with baked gourmet delicacies that we proudly bake without cutting any corners. On the wholesale side, we elevate brands' menus and identity with our commitment to providing customizable orders tailored to suit their unique requirements. Each batch is meticulously made with a deep-seated passion for culinary excellence, ensuring not just a delightful taste, but a memorable experience for your patrons. Our dedication to freshness, quality, and affordability sets us apart, allowing Mama's Bakery to leave a lasting impression through delectable offerings.

Discover the art of baking with a touch of family warmth – where every creation tells a story of harmony between tradition and innovation.

Matin Bakery

Burnaby, BC - 1st season at our market
Matin Bakery is the realization of a dream for us, a French couple, Candice and Romain, who relocated to Vancouver in early 2023. Inspired by the beauty and culture of British Columbia, we aim to bring a slice of France to this vibrant city through our authentic French bakery.
Our mission is to provide Vancouverites with an authentic French bakery experience, offering a range of traditional French pastries, and sweets. We are committed to using high-quality ingredients and time-honored baking techniques to ensure that every bite transports our customers to the heart of France.

Momcouver Designs

Vancouver, BC - 2nd season at our market
I am a Momma to a 3 year old and in my "spare" time this is my little business I run. I am a graphic designer and have been an avid baker all my life and so combined both my loves to make decorated sugar cookies.. From Custom sweaters to cookies I hope you can find something you like. Custom orders are encouraged.

Nawel's French Patisserie

Vancouver, BC - 2nd season at our market
Nawel, hailing from the Hautes-Pyrénées in the southwest of France, decided to pursue her lifelong passion for pastry and culinary arts after a successful career as a translator and interpreter in France and Spain. Together with her partner, she moved to Quebec city to attend a rigorous French pastry training program at the prestigious Ecole Hôtelière de la Capitale, where she gained invaluable experience working in several pastry shops and cafés, such as Chez Boulay, Comptoir Boréal, a well-known restaurant, specializing in local products from Quebec.

Seeking to expand her knowledge and expertise, she relocated to Vancouver, where she further refined her skills and crafted new recipes. Due to her discerning palate and inspired by the city’s healthy lifestyle, she found her own style of pastry, offering lighter products, focused on flavors, natural ingredients and natural sugar alternatives.

Being naturally inquisitive, she is continually on the hunt for novel flavor combinations. She draws her inspiration from contemporary French pastry and her cultural roots in Morocco and France, two countries renowned for their exceptional culinary traditions.

Rika Plant Kitchen

Vancouver, BC - 2nd season at our market
Rika Plant Kitchen is a vegan cheesecake shop run by a nutritionist based in Vancouver. We sell wholesome vegan cheesecakes and baked treats such as muffins and cookies! All products are 100% vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free, no artificial ingredients added, and made from scratch with care + love!

STS Sweets

Maple Ridge, BC - 1st season at our market
We specialize in baking Syrian tradition sweets as Baklava, Ma'amoul & Cookies and Short bread, All freshly baked with no artificial flavor and zero preservative.

The Cookie Monstress

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market
The Cookie Monstress is a cookie baker whose mission is to spread edible joy throughout Metro Vancouver. She pours her monstrous heart into the meticulous handcrafting of every cookie, transforming natural ingredients into delicious art.

We offer a variety of cookie sets throughout the year, following the changing seasons and matching up with the major holidays. Never worry about showing up empty-handed to a holiday gathering again!

We also take custom orders year-round that make great personalized party treats and gifts. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, a baby shower, or sending off a colleague, we are dedicated to making your order the perfect fit for your occasion.

The Red Couch Bakery

Lions Bay, BC - 3rd season at our market
"World's Best Apple Pies"! Locally acclaimed and locally made with BC's best local apples.

Whylicious Bakery

Burnaby, BC - 1st season at our market
With our passion and enthusiasm in baking, WHYLICIOUS shines through in every single delicious and wonderful baked creation. As a bakery haven, you will find yourself immersed in a symphony of diverse flavors and delectable patterns that burst with natural ingredients. Our aspiration extends beyond satisfying your cravings, but infusing every morsel with the essence of bliss, love, and astonishment.
That is the WHY behind our shop’s name: it symbolizes the whimsical, handcrafted, and yummy nature of our creations. We aspire to bring a touch of whimsy to your days with the magic and enchantment captured in our treats. Every single handcrafted delight is poured with our heart, love and passion. And of course, ‘Yummy’ speaks for itself – our baked goodies are undeniably scrumptious. From the vibrant hues to the innovative designs to the diverse flavors, every bite becomes a delightful adventure for your senses.

YVR Cookie

Maple Ridge, BC - 1st season at our market
Giant Stuffed Soft Baked Cookies made by hand in Maple Ridge!

Behzar Brews

Vancouver, BC - 3rd season at our market
Behzar Brews is a female owned, start-up company focused on healthy beverages made locally in Vancouver BC. Our mission is to introduce Canadians to a unique drink experience that is delicious, provides health benefits, and makes you feel great. We currently offer 6 different healthy and delicious beverages made with all natural and simple ingredients.


Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market
We provide upscale loose-leaf teas, small-batch roasted craft coffee that is ethically sourced and custom blended, and a selection of carefully chosen complimentary goods. We are located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Because there are times when we want something different from coffee on our palate, we also provide an array of opulent loose-leaf teas. Our teas range from traditional black teas to calming herbal blends. They are sourced from the best tea gardens in the world and are carefully chosen to offer a variety of flavour profiles and health benefits.

Elixir Brewing

West Vancouver, BC - 2nd season at our market
Elixir brewing craft makes a probiotic non-alcoholic ginger brew and an old-fashioned root beer using organic local forged ingredients. it is delicious on its own or mix to make your favourite cocktail. Flavours rotate according to season and availability.

ROASTmodern Coffee

Vancouver, BC - 3rd season at our market
ROASTmodern Coffee is s small batch coffee roaster located in Vancouver, BC. We focus on fairly traded, organically grown, single origin specialty coffee beans from small regional or producer groups.

Festina Lente Estate Winery

Langley, BC - 2nd season at our market
The words "Festina Lente" mean literally "Make Haste Slowly". This accurately reflects our philosophy of taking the time to accomplish things with diligence the first time and the pride that we take in simple things done well.

Our farm is a 5-acre hobby farm situated in Langley, British Columbia's wine region. My husband and I purchased the forested house and land without even a stick of fencing surrounding it in 2010. Little did we know that building our lives here would not only be the most physically demanding project we have ever done, but the most rewarding as well!

As beekeepers and winemakers, it was a natural fit to explore the lost tradition of Mead or Honey Wines. Of course, over the years, tastes change and we have developed a drier and more sophisticated honey wine that can be appreciated for many years. Honey wine is the white wine that ages like a red, so white wine drinkers can now command room in the most refined cellars and enjoy the depth and breadth of ever changing flavours over time.

Please Beverage Co.

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market
Please Beverage Co crafts handmade, small batch cocktails. We use only real, whole ingredients. From fresh-squeezed mixers and house-made tinctures, to locally-grown herbs and botanicals, we take special care in sourcing local and building community in our own backyard.

Raincity Distillery

Squamish, BC - 2nd season at our market
A small-batch craft distillery located in Squamish, BC, Raincity Distillery offers locally sourced and locally made spirits that are glacially-fed from the neighboring icefields.

With a spirit collection that boasts a diverse flavour profile, there's something for everyone.
Ask the Mezcal lover who swears by Raincity's Black Tusk Smoked Vodka, or the stoic whisky drinker who can't believe they found a gin that they love which reminds them of scotch.

At Raincity, creativity and flair come easy to the distillers who've created some impressive award-winning recipes.

Drunken Chocolatier

Vancouver, BC - 7th season at our market

Drunken Chocolatier makes artisan chocolates with a five o'clock twist. We like to create chocolates that highlight local products in small batch runs and fun designs. Any drink is fair game!

Living Lotus Chocolate

Vancouver, BC - 2nd season at our market

Living Lotus Chocolate based in Strathcona creates pure, kind, and beautiful desserts and bean-to-bar chocolate by sourcing clean, ethical ingredients for chocolate lovers seeking joy through the decadence of chocolate.
All of our products are vegan and made from certified organic ingredients, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free.

Blind Owl Flavour Co.

Vancouver, BC - 2nd season at our market

We are a local craft vanilla extracts company.

Midori Foods

Delta, BC - 1st season at our market

We provide Japanese style spicy sauce. The sauce is oil based with lots of ingredients such as fried onion, fried garlic, sesame seed, dried squid and almond. It is ready to eat, you can put pretty much anything your meal as a condiment. Makes your meal spicy, tasty and crunchy!

The Indian Pantry

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market
Our founder and owner Chef Tushar realized that there was a large gap in the spice industry in Vancouver. Most grocery stores had ambiguous ‘curry’ spice mixes lining the aisles but nothing that was an accurate reflection of Indian cuisine. He also saw a misrepresentation regarding the types of Indian food being sold in Canada – nothing that represented various state-based cuisines. All the spice mixes and pickles being sold are either flown over from India and have a huge environmental price tag or it’s likely that they were sitting in large storage warehouses losing freshness until they are sold.

The Indian Pantry wants to introduce you to spices and pickles that have been freshly made and ground, with vegetables and fruits from your community and preserved within a 6 month period.

Tocha Foods

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market
Tocha is a Vancouver, BC based producer of spiced sauces.

Toon's Sauces

Coquitlam, BC - 4th season at our market
Toon’s Hotsauce was developed by Chef Toon Tan, a Vancouver based chef and is inspired by the rich culinary cuisine of Singapore and the blending of other world cuisines. Chef Toon has more than 3 decades of experience working in some of the most vibrant commercial kitchens in Vancouver.
Toon’s Hotsauce was introduced to the Vancouver market in 2019 and since then, continues to receive positive response and repeat customers.
As per our tag line, Toon’s Hotsauce is “A Different Kind of Sauce”, unlike other hotsauces on the market which are “hot and sour, Toon’s Hotsauce offers a complex, umami flavour profile. Toon’s Hotsauce can be added as seasoning when you cook, as a marinade and dipping sauce. It is amazing with eggs, grilled and roast meats, seafood and complements Asian, Italian, Latin American and South-East Asian food.


North Vancouver, BC - 3rd season at our market
Chefspoon is all about food we do not use any soup bases to our soups, we prepare our stocks and broth from scratch.We prepare healthy, nutritious and comforting soups without the use of alcohol and pork.

Dot to Dot Kitchen

Vancouver, BC - 2nd season at our market
We are passionate about creating delicious foods and desserts and would love to share our passion and good foods with our customers.

East Van Jam

Burnaby, BC - 1st season at our market

East Van Jam makes locally sourced and locally made low-sugar fruit spreads. With a variety of gourmet flavour pairings and a mere fraction of the sugar, East Van Jam produces fun and guilt-free jams. Made locally with BC produce and so much love, less sugar means there's way more fruit in every jar.

Elite Soup

North Vancouver, BC - 3rd season at our market

At Elite Soup, we make quality, authentic,healthy and VEGAN soup mixes. With our products, you don't have to sacrifice the flavor for time. Cooks under 20 minutes to fit busy schedules.

Empanada Gal

New Westminster, BC - 2nd season at our market

Carmen is the fuel and the engine that shapes Empanada Gal into an amazing family business! Carmen was born and raised in Guatemala, studied the art of cooking for many years and has come to Canada to share her knowledge and expertise with the world!

Carmen has always had a passion for sharing her magical touch into food that everyone loves.

Empanada Gal has evolved over the years and Carmen has been creating new recipes while incorporating classic ones.

Carmen had a vision and over time, that vision became reality and now she produces amazing food with passion that connects with the community!

Epicure Preserves

Port Moody, BC - 3rd season at our market
Epicure Preserves' products are made with locally-sourced, organically grown, seasonal ingredients from BC farms and orchards. Everything is hand-made, small-batch processed on the day the fruits and vegetables are picked, and do not contain preservatives, dyes or commercial pectin: hence the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants are retained in these nutritious, delectable jellies, jams and marmalades. Crafting our products using each fruit’s natural pectin requires much less sugar and brings out the delicate flavours of the individual fruits. Epicure Preserves’ relishes, pickles and other preserves are also sourced locally, freshly canned on the day they are picked, and prepared without commercial pectin, dyes, chemicals or preservatives. The resulting colour, flavour and crunchiness of these homemade products are a proud testimony to nature’s bounty grown by local farmers in BC’s Lower Mainland.

Fudge It

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market
Fudge It brings a twist to traditional fudge. We make creamy handmade artisan fudge. Each piece is made by hand in out studio in Vancouver. We are a Vancouver, BC based company that is female founded. We are proud of the Fudge we make and can't wait for you to try it!

Game Changer Foods

Vancouver, BC - 3rd season at our market
We are a plant-based snack company specializing in high fiber and protein bites. Our product is chickpea based and comes in three different flavours. Our 3 SKUs are: Chickpea Superseeds, Chickpea Chocolate Almond, and Chickpea Oat Coconut. We are completely vegan and gluten free. We use only non gmo ingredients.


New Westminster, BC - 1st season at our market
Gheelicious crafts the finest homemade ghee, where tradition meets innovation. Our commitment is to offer a natural, healthy, and inspiring addition to your culinary journey, enriching your palate through artisanal ghee making.

Paella Espanola

Richmond, BC - 2nd season at our market
My name is Sebastian Gomez Callejon, I am a Spanish Chef. I prepare and sell an amazing Artisan Seafood Paella, following my mother's recipe. To preserve the freshness of my dish, the pre-cooked paella is immediately vacuum-packed and frozen. It is sold as single-serving.
Paella is a typical Spanish dish. Its preparation requires particular knowledge and the use of several ingredients, which can often discourage people from preparing it at home. My vacuum-sealed, frozen paellas, allow everyone to easily enjoy this delicious dish.

Jam'n Music

Chilliwack, BC - 5th season at our market
Jam'n Music "World Jampion"winner in Scotland for Raspberry Jam, and Silver Award for Strawberry Jam! Organically grown fruit, hand made in small batches in many varieties including sugar-free.
Delicious Buttermilk Biscuits, made with organic flours and spelt.
Trisha Gagnon is a well known bluegrass and folk musician,
and has her CD's available as well!

Jiva Organics

Burnaby, BC - 1st season at our market
We are proud to offer healthy, organic and natural foods made/grown in BC Canada.

Just Add

Vancouver, BC - 2nd season at our market
Thanks for your interest in Just add! We're a couple of engineers who love tasty treats, and see the value in having them in a time and cost-effective form.We started doing it for ourselves (earning a few cavities and calories along the way), then bringing them to gatherings, and now we want to share it with you.We hope you find as much joy in our brainstormed, concocted, and taste-tested products, as much as we enjoy creating and consuming them from our home in Vancouver.


Chilliwack, BC - 1st season at our market
Healthy products made out of wholesome ingredients! A choice between vegan or whey protein bars or even make it home mixes! Choose between: The vegan yumminess - Death by Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Evolution, Cinnamon Raisin Innovation. High whey protein - Chocolate Coconut or Maple Vanilla.Pre-packaged mixes - Cuppins (cupcake/muffin) or pancake mix or pudding mixes!

Mamma Musey Pierogi

Roberts Creek, BC - 5th season at our market
Our main product is hand pinched pierogi, frozen or fresh, for customers to take home to cook. We also sell soups, cabbage rolls and Take & bakes. We also fry pierogi at events / farmers markets and specialize in a larger range of vegan flavours.

Masala Factory

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market
We started with a simple idea of producing high-quality, fresh, and clean Indian spice blends for customers who value the authentic taste of Indian cuisine. Our unique blends are engineered to deliver a distinctive flavor that sets us apart from the competition, and our goal is to provide customers with an easy and convenient way to experience the authentic flavors of Indian cuisine in their own kitchens.
Our spice blends are made in small batches and packaged in glass jars to preserve freshness. We believe in using only natural ingredients to create our blends, and we are proud to offer a product that is completely free of chemicals and additives. Our customers can trust that they are getting a clean, healthy, and delicious product every time they choose one of our blends. Some of our recipes are traditional ones which have been passed down.
We understand the importance of providing customers with a product they can trust, and we take great pride in producing high-quality, flavorful blends that bring a taste of India to every meal. Our products are standalone, meaning that some blends only require the addition of salt and chili to taste, saving customers time in the kitchen and reducing waste.

Mike's Kettle Corn

New Westminster, BC - 2nd season at our market
Freshly popped gourmet kettlecorn in a variety of your favorite flavors. We offer the traditional sweet and salty kettle corn, the always popular Chicago mix and a "based on popular demand" variety of exciting flavors.

Mindful Fud

Kelowna, BC - 1st season at our market
We love bees, more so now that we’ve learned their utmost importance for our survival! We started by collecting the abundance of fallen apples on the local orchards, and using them to create BeeMindful Hunnie and Hunnie Hot! We then got in the kitchen, and with local certified organic ingredients, we created the first and only honey alternative from fresh pressed organic BC apples! It’s vegan friendly, safe for children and breastfeeding mothers!!

OATME Superfood

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market
At OATME, we're passionate about serving up wholesome delights to fuel up your everyday bowls. Our local healthy FREEZE-DRIED products are carefully crafted with love and the finest, locally-sourced ingredients. Each spoonful of our ingredient takes you on a flavorful journey. Whether you are making a breakfast bowl, a smoothie, or baking, our ingredients add a delicious and sophisticated touch to elevate your bowl. Join us as we embrace the natural goodness and let them reign supreme at your breakfast table.

Tamaly Shop

Vancouver, BC - 4th season at our market
Prepare authentic Mexican tamales. Blending ancient flavors with local ingredients, Tamaly shop invites you to experience Mesoamerican culture through the rich and balanced flavors of corn, vegetables, meat, fruits & spices. With a taste for every detail we have crafted a rich and authentic masa dough, complimented by traditional and signature fillings, that invite you to dream of a bustling Mexican market at sunrise.

Toffee Pop

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market
Handcrafted toffee with a twist. Custom made toffee to your liking.


Vancouver, BC - 3rd season at our market
Xinachtli (sheen-ach-tlee) Creates authentic Mexican food using ancestral techniques and pure ingredients mainly based on native corn and cacao.

Aloha Nui Loa

Richmond, BC - 1st season at our market

Aloha Nui Loa is a woman-owned company that specializes in handmade soaps that look like gems, crystals and flowers. All of our products are proudly handmade in Canada.
"Aloha Nui Loa" means "lots of love" in Hawaiian, and that's exactly what we put into every item we make. Everything is made with aloha nui loa in mind. We want to share our love, one handmade item at a time.

Barks n Biscuits

Vancouver, BC - 2nd season at our market

Barks & Biscuits creates artisan plant-based treats for dogs. All biscuits are hand-made in small batches with limited ingredients. Our packaging is compostable and absent of plastic.

Beary Balloon

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market

Hi! As a passionate balloon artist, I create unique and personalized balloon designs that add a pop of joy to any occasion. From birthdays to special events, let's turn your vision into a vibrant reality!


Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market

Fun and sometimes funky handmade beaded accessories!

Bob the Dog

North Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market

Bob the Dog specializes in pet treats and accessories every dog is sure to love!


Coquitlam, BC - 1st season at our market

We make customizable all-natural dog treats and with each package sold we donate 20% of its profits to dogs in developing countries.

Carly Saba Art

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market

Carly specializes in acrylics and watercolours painting animals, landscapes, and flowers.

Keeping her hands busy and mind calm, she has recently picked up beading as her newest colourful passion!

From tiny pet portraits to life size murals, she can’t wait to work with you to bring joy and colour into your life.

Cheery & Beery Designs

Richmond, BC - 1st season at our market

We create fun and funky art for the drinks lover!
Inspired by boozy beverages, we design and sell unique greeting cards, prints, stickers, coasters and more. Our greeting cards are designed for all occasions while our prints are fantastic to compliment your home bar or kitchen décor. There's something for everyone, but especially for lovers of beer and wine!

Crisis Crochet

West Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market

Hi! I’m a multitalented teen artisan. I focus on mainly fiber art, making knit and crochet sustainable handmade clothing and accessories but I also create sewn small projects, beaded earrings and some fabulous handmade soap. My products change as I change, I focus on creating things I have a passion for and let my inspiration drive me to make new things! Everything I make is handmade by me with love and a whole lot of passion!

By Debbie K

Surrey, BC - 3rd season at our market
Hi there! My name is Debbie and I’ve been known as Debbie K for many years. Mostly because people have a hard time pronouncing my last name. When I started my business it made sense to call it “by Debbie K”. I have been creative in all kinds of media and process all my life. From fine needlework to working with wood and concrete. This girl loves her power tools! My main focuses are mixed media wall art, jewelry making and soap making, but you never know what other art forms I may offer at any time.

Erd Soap

Richmond, BC - 8th season at our market

Handmade soap company using ingredients from local farms, such as goat milk, honey, beeswax etc.

Freeloaders Pet Goods

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market

Healthy, home-made treats for our lovable little freeloaders.

GetBaked Clay by Ally

Vancouver, BC - 2nd season at our market

Quirky Polymer Clay Creations made here in Vancouver! Gnomes, jewellery, charms and more.

JSP Ceramics

Victoria, BC - 1st season at our market
Hailing from Whistler, BC, Joe Madigan is a self-taught ceramic artist. With four years in the professional art scene, Joe specializes in creating functional dishware. His approach involves using high-fire characteristics to decorate each piece, showcasing a unique fusion of creativity and craftsmanship. You can find his process on instagram @joesellspot

Just Let Me Bead

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market
Hello my name is Kadence Cave, I am an Indigenous beadwork artist, part of the Haí?zaqv nation (Bella Bella). I am a single mother of my young son Kolter, who I raise to greatly acknowledge the importance of being part of community, appreciation towards the land in which we live on, and the sacredness of our peoples and our stories. I take great pride in creating and making all of my beadwork. Additionally, I prefer to only do markets to share my art, to give those interested in my beadwork the opportunity to meet me as an individual and know I carry a strong, passionate spirit. Giáxsix?a, Thank you

Kuseno Comfort Products

Langley, BC - 3rd season at our market
At Kuseno Comfort Products, we make amazing buckwheat hull pillows and flaxseed hot/cold therapy packs. Buckwheat hull pillows shape to your head and lock in place to provide exceptional neck support, all while keeping your head cool. Our pillows include zippers so you can adjust and customize it to be the perfect loft for your body size and sleeping style. The Flaxseed Therapy Packs can be used hot by warming in the microwave, or cold by cooling in the freezer. The unique shapes target specific muscles to provide relief. During the summer months we also make water-absorbing, non-toxic cooling ties that keep you cool for several hours on hot summer days. Everything is handmade in Langley, BC.

Lazy Maisie Creates

Whistler, BC - 1st season at our market

LazyMaisieCreates. By local Whistler artist, Helen Chan. Using sterling silver, brass and 14k gold filled, each piece is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind. Featuring a simple and feminine design that is uniquely hand-stamped with texture and meaningful messages, to inspire thoughtfulness and positivity. Helen also offers custom made jewellery for a more personal touch.

Lotus Millinery

Vancouver, BC - 6th season at our market

At Lotus Millinery, we are inspired by the moods and colours of today but never stray from the hand-crafted quality of the past. Hats are our passion. We use only the finest materials to create fun and functional headwear that warms both your head and your heart.

Michelle Kwon Fluid Designs

Richmond, BC - 1st season at our market

I repurpose and reuse items such as ceramic tiles to make custom coasters and dish ware and jewellery.

Mongey Ceramics

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market

Madelaine Mongey is a potter based in Vancouver, BC. Madelaine specializes in making thoughtfully designed wheel thrown pottery. Her work is characterized by balanced shapes, smooth surfaces, and her own unique matte glazes.

Penny Swanson Pottery

Burnaby, BC - 6th season at our market

make hand made, mostly wheel thrown table ware. Beautiful porcelain pots to grace your home. I also make silver jewellery from metal clay - again hand made.

PhiloSophie Hair

Surrey, BC - 1st season at our market

PhiloSophie Hair GRO was created to assist in promoting hair growth, strength and retaining moisture. Our GRO Moisturizing Hair Oil formulation has no chemicals, fragrances, or preservatives, and is produced in small batches to ensure freshness. In addition to restoring damaged hair, our Hair GRO Serum provides the nourishment your hair is craving, adding thickness and shine. Additionally, GRO is gentle on the scalp – yet effective and safe for all hair types.

Playhouse Pottery

Richmond, BC - 2nd season at our market

I am a home potter, creating one of a kind items. I love learning and experimenting with clay and glaze in my backyard studio.


Vancouver, BC - 6th season at our market

My name is Chihiro and I am a local crafter. I have lived in UBC for the past 17 years. Before that I was a student at UBC . I have been making pottery for the past 25 years. Aside from pottery I make jewellery using high quality stainless steel. I also make various items using high quality Japanese fabric.

Pottery Co-op

Vancouver, BC - 7th season at our market
A group of fun and creative local potters offering a huge selection of wheel thrown, hand built and sculpted pieces. Both functional and ornamental. See us for great mugs, bowls, planters, soap dishes and more for your home or for interesting and creative gifts. We have potters with different styles and aesthetics so the choice is endless. One of our potters even throws amazing miniatures on a miniature wheel! Can’t wait to be back at the UBC farm market again this year and to show you our wonderful hand made pieces. Our pieces are gorgeous and our prices are reasonable.

TeyLight Candle

Surrey, BC - 2nd season at our market
TeyLight Candle is a local small business owned by a mother and daughter from British Columbia. They hand pour each candles using 100% natural soy wax and with overflowing love and passion in making their own products, their TLC JARS are also hand made by them.

Totally Platonic

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market
Welcome to Totally Platonic, where each necklace, bracelet, and ring is hand beaded with freshwater pearls and adorable little flowers! Each piece is unique like no other, customisable, and carefully made with love.

Udderly Organics Soap

Richmond, BC - 2nd season at our market
At Udderly Organic Soap Co, we craft Goat Milk soaps that nourish naturally.

All of our soaps are crafted using the cold process method. Cold process soap making is an art form, a combination of chemistry and creativity, resulting in a product that is as much a treat for the skin as it is for the senses. Unlike commercial soaps that are often mass-produced with harsh chemicals, cold process soap making is a method that allows for more control over ingredients and ensures that the beneficial properties of those ingredients remain intact.

At the heart of our soap making process is the star ingredient: goat milk. Goat milk is a treasure trove of nutrients for your skin, including vitamins, minerals, and proteins that nourish and hydrate. It's gentle enough for sensitive skin, yet effective for a range of skin conditions.

Handcrafting soap using the cold process method with organic ingredients and goat milk eliminates the need for harsh synthetic additives and preservatives. It's a return to nature and simplicity, embracing ingredients that are as good for our skin as they are for the environment. Udderly Organic Soap Co promises a bathing experience that is as indulgent as it is beneficial for your skin health. Embrace the richness of handcrafted care, and let your skin feel the difference.

Unique U Studio

Delta, BC - 1st season at our market
Handmade bracelet store. We sell uniquely designed bracelets majorly made of crystals, opal, natural stones, and plated gold.
All of our bracelets are worldwide unique and limited editions. We only make one bracelet for each design.
Support half custom design. Customers can choose one or two stones or colors and we will design a full bracelet with our design expertise as a beautiful surprise.

Wild & Raven

Langley, BC - 1st season at our market
Hand silk screened, Canadian made apparel. Designed in Langley BC, hand drawn original artwork printed onto bamboo and organic cotton clothing and accessories for the whole family.

BC Poverty Reduction Coalition

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market
The BC Poverty Reduction Coalition is comprised of over 80 organizations and community mobilizations that come together to advocate for public policy solutions to end poverty, homelessness and inequality in B.C. We aim to improve the health and well-being of all living in British Columbia. The Coalition advocates for a targeted and comprehensive poverty reduction strategy that prioritizes equity-seeking groups, and a whole government, cross-ministry approach to ending poverty.

BeSharp Sharpening

Richmond, BC - 1st season at our market
Garden tool, scissors, and knife sharpening using state of the art equipment, often resulting in being twice as sharp as factory!

Bike Kitchen

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market
We provide students and the wider community with an accessible environment where they can learn to fix bicycles, share resources, and work together. We engage in cycling education, outreach and advocacy to promote biking as a safe and sustainable means of transportation.

Golden Rescue

Vancouver, BC - 3rd season at our market
Golden Rescue is one of Canada’s largest single-breed rescue groups. We are a non-profit registered charitable organization run entirely by volunteers working hard to ensure every Golden Retriever who is brought into our program is placed with a safe and loving forever family. Since 1990, Golden Rescue has found homes for over 4000 surrendered, abandoned, unwanted or displaced Golden Retrievers. In addition to rescuing Goldens, we pursue every opportunity to educate the public about responsible pet ownership.

Little Kitchen Academy

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market
Little Kitchen Academy is the key ingredient for an independent child. We are a first-of-its-kind Montessori-inspired cooking academy for kids ages three through teen focused on providing a safe, inspiring, and empowering space for children to identify, develop, and refine their senses. Through joy, mindfulness, and learning we are creating a foundation for a healthy lifespan through responsible eating choices: from scratch to consumption.

Megaphone Magazine

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market
Megaphone amplifies marginalized voices through writing, photography and public dialogue. Sharing our stories has the power to make change: it connects us to each other. Participants have the opportunity to express themselves and audiences hear powerful insights into lived experiences of poverty and marginalization. We run a series of writing workshops for marginalized writers in Vancouver, and publish marginalized writers. The annual Hope in Shadows photography contest hosts workshops for vendors, whose photo entries make up Megaphone’s annual calendar. Megaphone hosts a Speakers Bureau on mental health, addiction, and poverty, and convenes public conversations that amplify the voices of people in poverty. By sharing stories, we build understanding that bridges the divides of economic class and life experience.

Vendors buy each magazine for 75 cents and sell it to customers for $2. They buy each calendar for $10 and sell it for $20. They buy each Voices of the Street poetry book for $5 and sell it for $10. Vendors keep the profit from every sale.

By selling Megaphone magazine, Megaphone’s Hope in Shadows calendar, and the VOTS poetry book, vendors build skills, gain a sense of pride, make community connections, and earn money to meet their basic needs.

Meraki Henna

Vancouver, BC - 1st season at our market
Offering creative henna/jagua designs, using natural products, to express art from traditional to modern! We want our service to be recognized as unique, memorable, and superior in henna/Jagua art!

Native Bee Society of BC

Roberts Creek, BC - 1st season at our market
We are a grassroots organization founded in 2019 upon the guiding principles of an obsession with native bees and the desire to bring people together over that shared passion.

Science For Everyone

Port Coquitlam, BC - 1st season at our market
We are scientist-educators who bring unique, fun, hands-on STEM learning opportunities to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Stop and Fill Zero Waste Solutions

Surrey, BC - 2nd season at our market
Although the concept of ‘Zero Waste’ isn’t new considering that plastic was invented around WW2, there has been a lot of conversation in recent years about how big brands and manufacturers are using plastic to package everything. We know that keeping plastics out of the waste system is a problem and it can be overwhelming to figure out where and how to start reducing our contribution as a consumer.
That's why we want you to know about our simple solution: ‘Stop and Fill’.
‘Stop and Fill’ is a Canadian, Vancouver-based, family-owned and operated company with one goal: to come alongside anyone who is willing to make even the smallest effort to reduce their environmental footprint because EVERY LITTLE BIT HAS IMPACT.
We have made it easier for you to become a more conscious consumer in the methods by which you replenish the stock of your daily household needs. Our business is focused on using recycled materials when possible and aiding in the reduction of our carbon footprint at every opportunity.
Think of ‘Stop and Fill’ as a mobile storefront and product refillery, where you can refill your everyday products in reusable containers.

UBC Campus Security

Vancouver, BC - 2nd season at our market
Campus Security is committed to ensuring the safety and security of students, faculty, staff and visitors. We respond to safety and security concerns, provide first aid and facilities management, and aid emergency services on campus.