Feeding Growth Coffee Series: Organic, Fairtrade, B-Corp – What Makes Sense for my Food Business?

Feeding Growth Coffee Series: Organic, Fairtrade, B-Corp – What Makes Sense for my Food Business?

A series of dialogues about food business subjects you care about, in collaboration with engaged food industry partners, and with the Feeding Growth recipe you like: personable and caring food industry mentors; inspiring yet mighty practical insight; and a helpful community of progressive change-makers.

Organic, Fairtrade, B-Corp, etc. What Makes Sense for my Food Business?

Consumers want brands they can trust. Certifications (organic, fairtrade, b-corp, etc.) can help you communicate your high business standards and take advantage of market opportunities. But which one is right for your business? Which one will best position you to adapt to an ever-changing market? Join Feeding Growth’s seasoned food business leaders Carmen Wakeling (Eat More Sprouts) and Ian Walker (Left Coast Naturals; Hippie Snacks) to get vital insight on how they made the decision to undertake certifications.

About Carmen Wakeling: We are fairly sure Carmen’s name comes up when searching for a “force of nature” definition. Carmen has been the CEO & co-owner of Eat More Sprouts for 32 years. She’s also a leader with the Small Scale Food Processors Association, Certified Organic Association of BC, Pacific Agricultural Certification Society, and International Sprout Growers Association.

About Ian Walker: Ian’s business sharpness, eagerness to learn, and generosity know no boundary. Co-founder and owner of Left Coast Naturals for 27 years, and more recently of Hippie Snacks, Ian has a keen understanding of the ups and downs of entrepreneur life. At the head of a B-corporation, Ian is also familiar with what it takes to run a business that aligns with what your values are as a person.

Why come?

  • Ask experts your burning questions about what it takes for progressive food businesses to succeed.
  • Create the structure of the discussion: your questions, your approach, your crew of like-minded progressive food entrepreneurs.
  • Learn from peers who deal with similar opportunities and challenges in the natural, organic, specialty food business sphere.
  • Cement key relationships in the progressive food space.
  • Beer anyone?

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