LFS 496 Internship Proposal Form (for Hosts)

It may be possible to propose an internship with an off-campus food systems partner. To do this, please view eligibility criteria in the previous page. If you think your potential internship placement is a good fit with LFS 496, please fill out this form.
  • e.g. Innercity Farms
  • If available please list your sponsoring organisation's website.
  • What would the role of the intern be in your organisation? e.g. Food Safety Intern
  • Please briefly describe what duties the intern would perform in this internship, what goals the intern would work towards and how would these goals fit into your existing organisation.
  • Please list what the intern can expect to learn and achieve academically as well as professionally through completing this internship.
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  • Please only fill in this form if you have confirmed a willing supervisor for a potential internship.
    There is flexibility as to how many hours and for how you can host an intern. Please select your preferred options.
  • Please list the year of the desired internship start (i.e. 2019).