The project library is an access point to decades of publications, reports, posters, and related materials from research projects, directed studies, and other activities that have taken place at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems.

We are currently in the process of linking items in our archives to this library. Please continue to check back as we build a comprehensive repository of research and academic activities from students, faculty, community members, and visiting scientists.

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Author(s) Title Year Type Source
Krzic, M., Iverson, M., Bomke, A., Dyanatkar, S., Crowley, C., Hackinen, A., Oka, G., Smukler, S. Vancouver Soil Map 2015 Website
Krzic, M. Soilx 2015 Website
Strivelli, R. Land-Use Impacts on Soil Quality 2015 Website
Wittman, H., Powell, L. J., Corbera, E. Financing the agrarian transition? The Clean Development Mechanism and agricultural change in Latin America 2015 Journal Article Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space
Oka, G., Thomas, L., Lavkulich, L. Soil assessment for urban agriculture: a Vancouver case study 2014 Journal Article Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition
Koebel, A.; Furey, G; Riseman, A. Flowering and regrowth of hairy vetch cultivars used for pollinator forage and reduced tillage 2014 Project Report cIRcle
De Smet, L., De Koker, D., Hawley, A., Foster, L.J., De Vos, P., and de Graaf, D.C. Effect of bodily fluids from honey bee (Apis mellifera) larvae on growth and genome-wide transcriptional response of the causal agent of American foulbrood disease (Paenibacillus larvae) 2014 Journal Article PLoS One
Elsik, C.G., Worley, K.C., Bennett, A.K., Beye, M., Camara, F., Childers, C.P., de Graaf, D.C., Debyser, G., Deng, J., Devreese, B., Elhaik, E., Evans, J.D., Foster, L.J., Graur, D., Guigo, R., Hoff, K.J., Holder, M.E., Hudson, M.E., Hunt, G.J., Jiang, H., Joshi, V., Khetani, R.S., Kosarev, P., Kovar, C.L., Ma, J., Maleszka, R., Moritz, R.F., Munoz-Torres, M.C., Murphy, T.D., Muzny, D.M., Newsham, I.F., Reese, J.T., Robertson, H.M., Robinson, G.E., Rueppell, O., Solovyev, V., Stanke, M., Stolle, E., Tsuruda, J.M., Van Vaerenbergh, M., Waterhouse, R.M., Weaver, D.B., Whitfield, C.W., Wu, Y., Zdobnov, E.M., Zhang, L., Zhu, D. and Gibbs, R.A. Finding the missing honey bee genes: lessons learned from a genome upgrade 2014 Journal Article BMC Genomics
Michaud, S., Boncristiani, H., Gouw, J. W., Strand M.K., Pettis, J.S., Rueppell O., and Foster, L.J. Response of the honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) proteome to Israeli acute paralysis virus infection 2014 Journal Article Canadian Journal of Zoology
Iverson, M., Krzica, M., Bomke, A. A framework for site assessment guides for urban impacted soils: A Vancouver case study 2014 Journal Article Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development
Desmarais, A. A., & Wittman, H. Farmers, foodies and First Nations: getting to food sovereignty in Canada 2014 Journal Article The Journal of Peasant Studies
Guarna, M.M.,, A.P. Melathopoulos, E. Huxter, I. Iovinella, R. Parker, N. Stoynov, A. Tam, K.M. Moon, Q.W.T. Chan, P. Pelosi, R. White, S.F. Pernal and L.J. Foster. A Search for Protein Biomarkers Links Olfactory Signal Transduction to Social Immunity 2014 Journal Article BMC GENOMICS
Weiler, A., Hergesheimer, C., Brisbois, B., Wittman, H., Yassi, A. & Spiegel, J. Food sovereignty, food security and health equity: a meta-narrative mapping exercise 2014 Journal Article Health and Policy Planning
Stock, P., Forney, J., Emery, S., Wittman, H. Neoliberal natures on the farm: Farmer autonomy and cooperation in comparative perspective 2014 Journal Article Journal of Rural Studies
Chapagain, T., Riseman, A. Root Architecture Variation in Wheat and Barley Cultivars 2014 Journal Article American Journal of Experimental Agriculture
Chapagain, T., Riseman, A. Intercropping Wheat and Beans: Effects on Agronomic Performance and Land Productivity 2014 Journal Article Alliance of Crop, Soil, and Environmental Science Societies
Chapagain, T., & Riseman, A. Barley–pea intercropping: Effects on land productivity, carbon and nitrogen transformations 2014 Journal Article Field Crops Research
Bennett, D.C., Slosberg, J. Local Grains and Free-Choice Feeding of Organic Layer Hens on Pasture at UBC Farm 2014 Project Report cIRcle
Wittman, H., Dennis, J., Pritchard, H. Planning for Farmland Access: Sustaining an Actively Farmed Land Base for Food Security 2014 Website
Desmarais, A., Wittman, H. Farmers, foodies and First Nations: getting to food sovereignty in Canada 2014 Journal Article The Journal of Peasant Studies
Nijland, W., de Jong, R., de Jong, S., Wulder, M., Bater, C., & Coops, N. Monitoring plant condition and phenology using infrared sensitive consumer grade digital cameras 2014 Journal Article Agricultural and Forest Meteorology
Sipos Randor, Y., Rojas, A. Growing sustainability education through community-university engagement : a case of community-based food system study at the University of British Columbia 2013 Doctoral Dissertation cIRcle
Mundel, E., Chapman, G. Working the system to change the system?: Analyzing intersections between the food movement and health establishment in British Columbia 2013 Doctoral Dissertation cIRcle
Simhon, M. V. The fate of emerging contaminants in wastewater treatment plants 2013 Masters Thesis cIRcle
Chan, Q.W.T., Chan, M.Y., Logan, M., Fang, Y., Higo, H., and Foster, L.J. Honey bee protein atlas at organ-level resolution 2013 Journal Article Genome Research

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