The project library is an access point to decades of publications, reports, posters, and related materials from research projects, directed studies, and other activities that have taken place at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems.

We are currently in the process of linking items in our archives to this library. Please continue to check back as we build a comprehensive repository of research and academic activities from students, faculty, community members, and visiting scientists.

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Author(s) Title Year Type Source
Chan, Q.W. and Foster, L.J. Changes in protein expression during honey bee larval development 2008 Journal Article Genome Biology
Mundel, E. Story-gathering with the Urban Aboriginal Community Kitchen Garden Project 2008 Masters Thesis cIRcle
Battisti, B., Passmore, C., & Sipos, Y. Action learning for sustainable agriculture: Transformation through guided reflection 2008 Journal Article NACTA J
Sipos, Y., Battisti, B., & Grimm, K. Achieving transformative sustainability learning: engaging head, hands and heart 2008 Journal Article International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education
Wahbe, T.R., Jovel, E.M., García, D.R.S., Llagcha, V.E.P., & Point, N.R. Building international indigenous People’s partnerships for community-driven health initiatives 2007 Journal Article EcoHealth
Estrada Alvarez, L.M. Developing ecological identities and environmental consciousness: Study of children’s understandings and attitudes about nature during a 10-month environmental education program 2007 Masters Thesis cIRcle
Frye, A.L. Insights from the edge : farmers’ perspectives on agricultural viability near urban centres 2007 Masters Thesis cIRcle
Rojas, A., Richer, L., & Wagner, J. UBC Food System Project: Towards sustainable and secure campus food systems 2007 Journal Article EcoHealth
Mayer-Smith, J., Bartosh, O, & Peterat, L. Teaming children and elders to grow food and environmental consciousness 2007 Journal Article Applied Environmental Education & Communication
Chan, Q.W., Howes, C.G., and Foster, L.J. Quantitative comparison of caste differences in honeybee hemolymph 2006 Journal Article Molecule and Cellular Proteomics
Porter, E.R. Integrating the urban-agricultural edge: An exploration of new ruralism in South Delta 2006 Masters Thesis cIRcle
Bencze, L. Intergenerational landed learning at UBC farm: Cultivating connections to the earth 2006 Journal Article Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education
King, B.C. Species diversity and production of antimicrobial compounds by pacific northwestern Clavicipitalean entomogenous fungi 2006 Masters Thesis cIRcle
Ericsson, J.D. Host-pathogen interplay: A study of factors applicable to the infection efficacy of Metarhizium anisopliae to wireworms 2006 Masters Thesis cIRcle
Mayer-Smith, J., Peterat, L., & Bartosh, O. Growing together to understand sustainability – an intergenerational farming project 2006 Journal Article Innovation, Education and Communication for Sustainable Development
Sipos Randor, Y. Transformative sustainability learning: A united pedagogy of head, hands and heart 2005 Masters Thesis cIRcle
Waliwitiya, R., M. B. Isman, R. S. Vernon, and A. Riseman Insecticidal Activity of Selected Monoterpenoids and Rosemary Oil to Agriotes obscurus (Coleoptera: Elateridae) 2004 Journal Article Journal of Economic Entomology
Nicol, A. Perceptions of pesticides among farmers and farm family members 2003 Doctoral Dissertation cIRcle
Cheuk, W.W.L. Sustainable vegetable greenhouse production through bio-conversion of greenhouse solid wastes and re-utilization 2003 Doctoral Dissertation cIRcle
Gudz, N.A. Planning learning communities: Higher education and the transition to sustainability 2003 Masters Thesis cIRcle
Masselink, D.J. The UBC south campus farm: The elaboration of an alternative 2001 Masters Thesis cIRcle

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