Visiting the UBC Farm

The public is welcome to visit the UBC Farm. We ask all visitors to respect and enjoy the space, and to not disturb any plants, equipment, or research apparatus on site. Please watch your footing and stay on the roads or grass pathways. All dogs must be leashed while at the Farm. The CSFS at UBC Farm general phone number is (604) 822-5092. For email addresses see our Key Contacts.

Opening Hours

The UBC Farm site is open to the public, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Monday – Saturday from late March to October

Monday – Friday from November to March

Note: Our hours change throughout the year, based on the growing season.

Mailing Address

Note: Mail is not delivered directly to the Farm. Our mailbox is located in the H.R. MacMillan building.

2357 Main Mall, The University of British Columbia,

Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

Street Address

3461 Ross Drive, Vancouver, BC [UBC Farm on Google Maps | UBC Farm on UBC Maps]


Key Contacts

Getting to the UBC Farm

The UBC Farm is located in the Wesbrook Village area of the University of British Columbia.

Parking The UBC Farm has a parking lot which has a limited number of spaces. The first two hours are free with registration. If possible, please choose to bike, bus, or carpool to the UBC Farm.

By Car/Bike

To reach the UBC Farm from main campus, follow one of two routes:

  • Travel south on East Mall, cross 16th Ave (it turns into Ross Drive) and take the first right into the entrance.
  • Travel south on Wesbrook Mall and continue south through the roundabout at Wesbrook Mall & 16th Ave. Turn right on Grey Ave (there is a large UBC Farm sign at that intersection), right on Ross Drive, and the entrance will be on your left.

By Public Transit

  • 70 shuttle: Beginning at the UBC Bus Loop (Wesbrook Mall at Student Union Blvd.), and running counter-clockwise along Marine Drive, then West Mall, the 70 makes a pit-stop at the corner of West Mall and Agronomy Rd before continuing on to the Thunderbird Road, and then south on East Mall. After crossing 16th Avenue, East Mall becomes Ross Drive. The stop for UBC Farm is on Ross Drive at Birney Avenue. The Farm entrance is on the same side of the street, just south of Birney Avenue, on the right-hand side. [link to route map]
  • 68 shuttle: Beginning at Totem Residence (West Mall at Thunderbird Rd), and running clockwise along Marine Dr, the 68 makes a pit-stop at the UBC Bus Loop before continuing along Wesbrook Mall. The bus will cross 16th Avenue, and continue into the Wesbrook Village. The stop for UBC Farm is at Ross Drive & Birney Avenue. The Farm entrance is across the street, just left of Birney Ave. [link to route map]
  • 41 bus: which drops off in the Wesbrook Village at Wesbrook Mall & Birney Avenue. From there, walk east along Birney Avenue to Ross Drive (about 5 minutes walk). The Farm entrance is across the street, just left of Birney Ave. Translink Bus Stop Numbers: 61894 – South to TRIUMF and then on to Wesbrook Village immediately adjacent to the UBC Farm entrance. 61893 – North to University Hill across the street from the UBC Farm entrance [link to route map]

Accessibility FAQs

Q: Are there wheelchair-accessible washrooms nearby?

A: None of our permanent buildings have wheelchair-accessible washrooms. During the summer and for most larger events, we have a single wheelchair-accessible portable washroom next to the Harvest Hut (the site of our Saturday Markets, near the main gate). Please check in with us or your event organizer about the specific event you are attending to determine whether a wheelchair-accessible porta-potty will be available.

Q: Is the ground fairly open and even (any protruding rocks/roots, any potholes, any narrow walkways)?

A: The parking lot in front of the gate is mostly packed gravel and dirt, though some of it is grass. It’s got a very slight downward slope at parts. The roads to the Saturday Farm market and Farm Centre are packed gravel with no major protrusions, but depending on the time of year and how recently it has been repaired, there may be some potholes. You should be able to navigate around them with care. If you are coming for a farm tour, the terrain is generally bumpy off the road. We have had wheelchairs on tours before, but we generally recommend having someone to push your wheelchair, if possible, and only if you don’t mind a bumpy ride at times. If it has been raining steadily, you may want to be cautious as some fields and paths are very muddy.

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