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The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems offers resources and opportunities for learning for students at UBC and beyond.
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The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm is a research centre and local-to-global food hub working towards a more sustainable, food-secure future.

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Due to the ongoing response to COVID-19 in Canada and around the world, the UBC Farm is officially closed to the public and we have cancelled upcoming programs and events.

We are monitoring the situation and will keep you informed if further cancellations are required. We will provide full refunds to participants, and are contacting participants individually.

For full information on UBC’s response and guidance with respect to COVID-19, please view: ubc.ca.

Food Cultivation

Our growing season is going ahead, and we are accepting registrations for our CSA program. We are currently taking extra precautions in the form of further sanitation procedures in order to safeguard the health and well-being of our community.

Please reach out to us if you have any concerns at ubcfarm.csa@ubc.ca.

Research Activities

Research activities at the UBC Farm continue for those projects with approved research exemptions based on the regulations placed by the UBC Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation to regulate on-campus research during the COVID-19 crisis.

If you have any questions please reach out to us: ubcfarm.research@ubc.ca.

Community Workshops

Online workshops are here! We have three gardening-related workshops airing in June, so be sure to check them out and register here. In-person workshops until July 31st are still suspended.

If you have any questions please reach out to us: ubcfarm.workshops@ubc.ca.

Field Trips

Field Trips up to June 30th have been cancelled, participants have been informed and we are discussing rebooking.

If you have any questions please reach out to us: ubcfarm.farmwonders@ubc.ca

Please reach out to us if you have any concerns at farm.team@ubc.ca.


Millions of dollars of new aid for B.C. agriculture and food industries

Global News BC Feature: Susanna Klassen “There is needed to be a rapid shift in where food is going and how its being processed and packaged and our food system isn’t totally set up to deal with this scale…” Susanna Klassen, a PhD candidate working with the CSFS, recently said in an interview with Global […]

Q&A with Hannah Wittman on how COVID-19 is affecting food systems (PWIAS)

PWIAS Q&A: Dr. Hannah Wittman Since long before the COVID-19 pandemic, our Academic Director, Dr. Hannah Wittman, has been researching better ways to put food on tables in British Columbia and around the world. The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies recently did a Q&A with Dr. Wittman about how COVID-19 is affecting the food […]

More than food banks are needed to feed the hungry during the coronavirus pandemic (The Conversation)

The Conversation Feature: Dr. Jennifer Black “More than food banks are needed to feed the hungry during the coronavirus pandemic.” Dr. Jennifer Black, CSFS Associate and LFS Professor, recently co-authored an article in the Conversation on the issues with food banks and challenges of addressing food insecurity during COVID-19 through food banks. Check out the full […]

Pandemic panic sees seed sales spike (CBC)

CBC Feature: Clare Cullen “I think this whole COVID pandemic has made people think that our food system, the distribution system may be damaged by a pandemic like this,” said Clare Cullen in a recent article published in the CBC. Check out the full article here.

Janice Ammundsen cuddles one the baby goats on her Quadra Island farm.

Farmers on remote island fight food insecurity with their flock (National Observer)

National Observer Feature: Dr. Hannah Wittman “COVID-19 is making visible these really deep cracks in our food system…we don’t have the necessary public infrastructure to sustain a regionally resilient food system because a lot of our agriculture investment is focused on exports,” said Dr. Hannah Wittman in a recent article published in the National Observer. […]

COVID-19 notifications at a grocery store.

5 lessons for food system thinking from COVID-19

5 lessons for food system thinking from COVID-19: Susanna Klassen “Civil society groups working on food systems change have argued that this crisis presents an opening to do things differently. Indeed, many are poised to use this crisis for transformation — coalescing around issues like a Universal Basic Income and rights and protections for migrant […]

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