COVID-19 Market Updates for Vendors

COVID-19 Market Updates for Vendors

Please review these guidelines prior to attending the UBC Farm Markets. New updates will be bolded and you will receive emails whenever changes take place.

  • Kyne - CSA & Saturday Market Manager
  • Bowen - Market Work Learn
  • Camille - Market Work Learn
  • Please be mindful as per the latest recommendations from the BC Centre for Disease Control masks are required to be worn when a physical barrier is not present between vendors and customers - please stay tuned for future updates.
  • You may not attend the market under any circumstances if you are sick. If you come to the market ill, we will ask you to leave. Also ensure you are healthy in any production activities, to reduce any possibility of transmission.
  • You may not sample products this season and products cannot be consumed in any capacity on-site. This means if you are selling baked goods, ready-to-eat food or beverages, customers must be told they can only consume after leaving the market.
  • You can only serve one customer at a time.
  • Limit how much customers handle products before purchase. Ideally, you should package products for shoppers to limit their product contact.
  • Bring: sanitizing spray to use throughout the market (mandatory), masks (mandatory if no barrier), and gloves if you can acquire some (encouraged). We will be asking you to wear a mask if you are not able to maintain a physical barrier between you and your customers. The spray is necessary to regularly sanitize your payment machines. You should also clean your hands between taking payment and touching your product - there will be one hand washing station and a couple of sanitization stations available at the market, but if you have the ability to bring your own sanitizer, we highly recommend it.
  • You must sanitize your table and other equipment upon setup. Any surface/item your products touch must be sanitized before products are in contact with said surface. Ensure that your setup plan this year does not involve pieces that cannot be readily cleaned throughout the market, ie: a cloth table cover.
  • We are encouraging card payment at the market. If your machine accepts tap, this is the safest option for you and your customers (this is not mandated, but encouraged). If you plan to only accept cash, be wary that many customers are only using cards at this time and it may limit your sales! Please let us know if you will be cash-only.
  • Food products that cannot be cleaned after purchase will need to be protected from sources of contamination at all times during storage and display, e.g. baked goods, which can be packaged upon purchase, require a sneeze guard at the vendor booth to protect during display.
  • Our seating areas will remain closed at our market as current regulations do not allow the consumption of food on-site. Please stay tuned for future updates.
  • We are encouraging customers to “shop, don’t stop!”
  • Reusable bags will not be encouraged at our market this year, but are permitted in the market area as long as customers fill the bags themselves and do not place their bags on any surfaces. Do not pack reusable bags yourself, and do not let customers place them on your table. Personal containers cannot be filled at the market.
  • The washrooms in the Farm Centre are now only for UBC Farm staff. You will have access to porta-potties during the market and we ask that you clean your hands before and after use.
  • The market layout will be set up similarly to last year's. We will send out stall locations and a map the day before the market via email for you to reference for setup, as we anticipate that the overall map will change slightly each week. Please check this before arriving Saturday so that you have a clear understanding of where to go upon arrival.
  • The market will have one-way traffic flow.
  • The FMNCP coupon program will be taking place again this year. This program affects those that sell produce, meat, eggs and dairy. We will contact the vendors that can accept these coupons directly with further instructions. If you do not sell the listed products, you may not accept coupons.
  • We need vendors to be on time this year due to the increased complexity of setup. Late fees will be incurred for vendors arriving later than 9:30am on market day.
  • We have time allocated for vulnerable populations, 10:00am-10:30am. This will allow seniors and those at risk to support you all and enjoy lovely local products.
  • There will be no stamp cards again this year, as it encourages shared handling and contact. Instead, we will encourage shoppers to fill out our survey and post their market hauls on Instagram. Executing these activities will enter them in a draw for market gift cards, which will take place every two months.
  • There will be no online market for the foreseeable future, as a result of UBC’s privacy terms.
  • Tables and tents can still be rented from the UBC Farm. Rentals will be set up by 9:30 AM. We ask that you do not handle the tent at all, and no one is permitted any under circumstances to take equipment directly from our market room. Our market staff must be the ones to acquire the tents and tables for you.

This map outlines our line ups, vendor areas, and staffing during Saturday markets. This map is interactive and elements can be clicked on for more details. This map is available to open full screen, save, or share using this link.

The below map shows our plan for vendor stall locations.

This page was last updated on April 19, 2021.