Climate Smart Agriculture

Climate Smart Agriculture

Project Lead

Dr. Andrew Black, (PI) and Hughie Jones (PhD student) from the Department of Applied Biology, Faculty of Land and Food Systems.


Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, BC Ministry of Agriculture, Centre of Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm, NSERC, and UBC Faculty of Land & Food Systems.


About the Project

In this research project, Hughie Jones, a PhD student working with Drs. Andy Black (Professor) and Paul Jassal (Research Associate) of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at UBC, conducted field plot experiments at the UBC Farm, in addition to at Mackin Creek Farm (near Soda Creek, BC) and Cropthorne Farm (Westham Island, BC), to evaluate the effectiveness of a range of plastic films as mulches and in low tunnels in the modification of microclimate and plant growth. The main goal was to evaluate this technology in extending the growing season and to cushion crops from the adverse effects of future climate change. This research is beneficial to help make decisions for choosing appropriate films depending upon seasons and eco-climate regions in BC. To read more details about the results, check out the links below.

External Links and Publications

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