Foodlands Access and New Agrarianism

Foodlands Access and New Agrarianism

Project Team

Hannah Wittman, Professor, Academic Director, Centre for Sustainable Food Systems, Faculty of Land and Food Systems; Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability (PI)

Jessica Dennis, MSc. Student, Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems, Faculty of Land and Food Systems (‘15)

Heather Pritchard, BC Foodlands Trust Cooperative


Real Estate Foundation of BC and Vancity Credit Union


FarmFolk CityFolk


About the Project

Farmland in British Columbia is becoming increasingly inaccessible to new and existing farmers as a result of rising land prices, urbanization, and non-farm uses. At the same time, urban expansion and other resource extraction sectors create pressures on indigenous foodlands used for hunting, gathering and foraging. The Foodlands Trust Project was initiated in 2014 to contribute innovative solutions to farming and foodland protection and accessibility. A protected and actively farmed land base that recognizes and respects Indigenous food systems and the environment is the foundation of a sustainable agricultural sector and food system in British Columbia.

Please see for policy and practice updates.

External Links and Publications

Farmland Access Website

Farmland Access Booklet

Wittman, H.,Dennis, J., & Pritchard, H. (2017) Beyond the market? New agrarianism and cooperative farmland access in North America, Journal of Rural Studies. 53, 303-316,

Dennis, J. (2015) Emerging farmer movements and alternative land access initiatives in British Columbia, Canada, MSc Thesis, UBC.