Biodiversity Monitoring Plan for UBC Farm

Biodiversity Monitoring Plan for UBC Farm

Project Lead

Matthew Mitchell, Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability (PI)


BRITE, the VPRI Biodiversity Research Excellence Cluster, the VPRI Diversified Agroecosytem Research Excellence Cluster & the UBC Campus as a Living Laboratory Initiative


About the Project

Biodiversity, across multiple scales and levels is the foundation of agricultural productivity and contributes essential ecosystem functions and services to food systems. The UBC Farm provides a unique opportunity to monitor the biodiversity important for agroecosystem food production and other ecosystem services, with future opportunities to connect this to other socio-ecological outcomes relevant to the broader community and food systems. Long Term Biodiversity Monitoring will ensure that the diversity of life at the UBC Farm, including birds, plants, and insects, is recorded each year. This will help us understand how biodiversity at the UBC Farm is changing over time and how this affects important ecosystem services (benefits we can receive from the natural environment) that aid people, help crops grow, and contribute to overall ecosystem sustainability.

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Banner Photo credit: Wolf Read