Episode 1: Planting the Seeds

Growing a Farm podcast

Growing a Farm: The 20-year Journey of the UBC Farm

Episode 1: Planting the Seeds

Twenty years ago, a group of dedicated students resurrected a derelict research site and turned it into a thriving educational farm. But there were other plans for that land, and growing food wasn’t one of them.

Show notes:

To further your knowledge of Musqueam Territory upon which the UBC Farm is situated, check out Land Beneath Our Feet, a Musqueam guide brought to you by the UBC Library.


  • Hosted by Anisha Sandhu (LFS Student and former CSFS Knowledge Mobilization Assistant, CSFS at UBC Farm).
  • Produced by Melanie Kuxdorf (Communications and Marketing Manager, CSFS at UBC Farm) and Anisha Sandhu, with special production thanks to Duncan McHugh (Digital & Instructional Media Producer, Faculty of Land and Food Systems).


  • “Denali at Dawn (feat. RIVER LUME)” by SPEARFISHER
  • “Beyond” by Ian Post

Special Thanks:

Thanks to the staff at the UBC Farm and LFS who provided feedback and support, and a very special thanks to everyone who was interviewed for this project and especially to all those who started, supported and helped save the Farm: Thank you for your vision and perseverance – we wouldn’t be here without you.