Cheese 101: Let’s Make Mozzarella and Burrata

Cheese 101: Let’s Make Mozzarella and Burrata

About this Workshop

Eat cheese while making cheese. This is a hands-on class. We will make Mozzarella and Burrata under an hour while learning the basic science of cheesemaking. We will taste a variety of local and global cheeses while learning how to differentiate the groups of cheeses with a little history blended in.

Information booklets on cheese-making and cheese-making kits, containing rennet tablets, cheese cloths, and thermometers, will be available for sale for $20.

About the Instructor

Marisa Papetti is entrepreneur living in Bellingham, WA She has owned a full-service marketing agency, a pie company, and two Travel Magazines. When the Recession hit she went back to her roots and began beekeeping and teaching kids and adults to make cheese. She is now running Marie’s Bees and Gnome Cheese. Living in her home with her hot husband, wonderfully sweet brother-in-law and a feisty 89-year grandmother, two dogs, 12 chickens, a rooster, 4 ducks and a million honeybees. She now lives in the moment.

Date and Time

DATE Wednesday, August 28 | 6:30 – 8:30 pm (2 hours)


UBC Farm

3461 Ross Drive, Vancouver BC


$60 Standard ($54 Student) + GST

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