Get Involved with CSFS Research

Get involved with CSFS Research

Whether you are a researcher from UBC or another institution, a university student, farmer, or community member interested in getting to know more about our research or how to collaborate with us, the CSFS presents many opportunities to get involved.


If you are a researcher in UBC and you are interested in becoming an Associate of the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems, please contact the CSFS Research manager for information about the application process. You can find a list of our research projects in our Research home page and details about becoming a CSFS Associate member here.

Consider collaborating with one of our many research projects or with a CSFS Associate.

UBC Farm is a Living Lab for the entire UBC community as well as external research, industry, and community partners. We manage a research platform where social, economic, and environmental interventions can be designed, tested, and monitored within a fully operational food production farm. You can find further details about the requirements and how to submit your land-based research proposal here.

Graduate Students

If you are interested in a particular field of research for a PhD or MSc project, please check out our list of CSFS Associates, find the right match with one of our Faculty Associates, and then contact the PI directly to express your interest and seek opportunities.

Check out other opportunities including Work Learn and Research Assistant Positions on our Work With Us page

Undergraduate Students

See opportunities in Work with us page

See opportunities in Work with us page

    • If you are a third or fourth-year student looking to take a Guided Independent Learning directed study, please see our CSFS Associates and feel free to contact a Research Associate whose interests align with your prospective studies.
    • You can also check ENVR 448 for directed studies in Socio-Ecological Systems Research. Please see here for more information on where to start.

Community Members (e.g. farmers, food processors, policy makers, educators, agroecologist, etc.)

The CSFS understands that farmers and consumers form the core of any food system. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Government of British Columbia, Vancity, and the Investment Agriculture Foundation to create the BC Food Web.

  • Check the BC Food Web for the latest research findings in agroecosystems. You will be able to browse simple research reports by topic, crop, region, and other key terms. You can also subscribe to the BC Food Web newsletter here.
  • The BC Food Web also provides support to organize field days for producers and farmers. If you’re interested in organizing a field day with your network at the UBC Farm, please contact the BC Food Web Coordinator to learn more.
  • If you are a farmer or food provider, please tell us about your research needs here. CSFS researchers use this input to inform their research directions.

Academic UBC Farm tours

If you’re visiting and would like to request a UBC Farm tour, please see our Bookings page to access our Tour and Class Lecture form.

If you would like to bring your class or research group for a self-guided activity or field trip, please see our Teach page to access our Field trips and Course Collaboration form.For general inquiries, contact our farm team.

Please see our contact page for information on hours of operation throughout the year and directions on how to reach the UBC Farm.


If you’re media interested in getting in touch with us or a specific project:

If you have more questions, please contact us!