LFS 496 Internship Proposal Form (for Hosts)

It may be possible to propose a career development placement with an off-campus food systems partner. To do this, please view eligibility criteria in the previous page. If you think your potential career development placement is a good fit with LFS 496, please fill out this form.
  • e.g. Innercity Farms
  • If available please list your sponsoring organisation's website.
  • Please include a description of your organization (3-4 sentences).
  • What would the role of the career development student be in your organization? e.g. Food Safety
  • Please briefly describe what duties the student would perform in this career development placement, what goals the intern would work towards and how would these goals fit into your existing organization.
  • As a potential career development course host, we invite you to reflect on the how the course will support the student’s ability to integrate and apply new knowledge and skills within the placement and beyond. Crafting these learning objectives will also help you to articulate the standards by which you assess the student’s performance. Here are some prompts that may help you identify learning objectives: What sort of hands-on skills will the students acquire under your organization’s mentorship? What kinds of knowledge will the students acquire under your organization’s mentorship? What kind of tasks or responsibilities do you see the students being able to do after their career development placement with your organization? And a little final tip, try including in each learning objective with an action verb (e.g., the student will learn, the student will come to appreciate, the student will develop a greater understand of …).
  • In accordance with UBC's COVID-19 Safety Plan, organizations are obligated to ensure that LFS 496 students can work remotely or practice physical distancing in the workplace. Please describe the health and safety policies in place at your workspace to limit the spread of COVID-19.
  • Please only fill in this form if you have confirmed a willing supervisor for a potential career development placement.
  • There is flexibility as to how many hours and for how you can host a student. Please select your preferred options.
  • Please list the year of the desired career development placement start (i.e. 2019).