National Observer and The Star Feature: Colin Dring, UBC PhD candidate

National Observer and The Star Feature:

Why one PhD student wants everyone to learn about food systems, equity and justice

“When we think of the food bank, we’re not necessarily thinking that people who use the food bank should have a say in the decisions or the kinds of services offered or the kinds of food provided. The dominant discourse is that people experiencing poverty should just be grateful and thankful. I think this reproduces a system that treats people like objects.”

National Observer and The Star spoke with Colin Dring (a UBC PhD candidate in agricultural planning) about food justice and accessibility. He helped launch an educational resource called Just Food, which was created with former Work-Learn students Meryn Corkery and Joyce Liao. Colin discusses the lack of diversity in B.C.’s food discourse, and how we can work towards a more equitable food system.

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