Workshop Presenter – Submission Form

Workshop Presenter Application

We are currently seeking presenters for our workshop series.

Our workshops are typically 1.5-3 hrs, and usually fit into one of three general categories: gardening/farming, food and beverage preparation and preservation, and sustainable living skills.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for a workshop, please submit the form below. We pay our presenters a competitive honorarium, which depends on the length of the workshop, as well as provide reimbursement (up to a specific limit) for supply expenses.

If you have any questions, please contact Seth Friedman,

  • If several dates work for you, please list them here.
  • Most workshops are held on weekday evenings (5:30-9 pm), or Saturdays. The UBC Farm is closed on Sundays.

    (Note: between mid-November and mid-March, the UBC Farm is also closed on Saturdays; workshops can still be scheduled on these Saturdays, though will require advance confirmation of staff availability to serve as liaison.)

  • For UBC Farm workshops, please indicate specific location(s). For off-site workshops, please indicate the location. (*Online workshops should be conducted in your home or other safe location that you're able to arrange yourself.*)
  • Generally speaking, UBC Farm is unable to provide resources for online workshops, though there may be occasional exceptions to this - please inquire if this applies to you.
  • For online workshops, please also clarify if you're REQUIRING these items, or SUGGESTING. Keep in mind that some participants may have challenges with engaging with in-person shopping:
  • Note: you don't need to provide something that they will take home with them, but it can enhance their experience, when appropriate for the topic, even something as simple as an information sheet.
  • With receipts, we can reimburse up to $80; If you expect supplies will cost more than $80, we might still be able to reimburse you, as long as we know in advance, and decide to raise the price of the workshop. (*ONLINE workshops only - the maximum standard reimbursement is $50, though we can have flexibility with prior approval.)
  • If you have one (ideally, colourful and eye-catching, as it's important for marketing your workshop). Maximum file size: 500 KB
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.