We Are Hiring: Sales Manager

We Are Hiring: Sales Manager

We are seeking experienced and dynamic individual to work with the UBC Farm team to continue steering in the success of UBC Farm’s production and sales program.

Working under the supervision of the Farm Manager (Agroecology Field Technician), the Product Technician coordinates the processing ( harvest, washing and packing), inventory, and sale of agricultural products grown and is involved with day-to-day harvest and processing operations, development of the annual farm reports and the support of the maintenance of this revenue source through a mix of direct-sales strategies. These sales activities and associated record keeping intrinsically form a part of the academic programming at the CSFS and substantially inform production decisions.  Sales and harvest data collected and organized by the Product Technician provide the raw material that allows development of an academically diverse range of studies conducted by faculty, staff and students, research projects and agricultural production at the Farm.

This is a permanent full time position. The application deadline is April 15th, 2018.

Click here to see the full position and application information on our careers page.

Click here for more information about UBC Farm produce and sales channels.

Spring Pop Up Egg Markets

We will be open for everyone to drop by and pick up some fabulous farm fresh organic eggs every other Saturday morning until our regular summer markets begin. There will be no limit on eggs per family ($8 per dozen). We will also sell seasonal produce, our seeds, teas, flowers, and herbs.


Alex Lyon featured in The Western Producer: B.C. researchers focus on vegetable seeds

B.C. researchers focus on vegetable seeds

Alex Lyon, CSFS Postdoctoral Fellow

Our Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Alexandra Lyon was featured in The Western Producer talking about the British Columbia Seed Trials project and its goal to help farmers identify crops and varieties that have a strong potential for the seed industry in B.C.

“The reason we want to get involved with supporting the vegetable seed industry here is to create opportunities in local agriculture because we have a really good climate for growing a lot of vegetable seed crops.”

Read the full article here

2018 Seasonal Positions (Multiple Openings)

We are hiring for 12 paid student-staff positions for this season’s team.

If you want to get your hands dirty and become part of our crew, let us know!

Our ideal candidates are students who want to stay engaged with the larger, global and local community in exploring what alternative and sustainable food systems could be. Students from all disciplines and backgrounds are sought. We are hiring for a wide range of programs at the farm, this includes our academic programs, our software project, the field crew, the children’s programs, and the BC Seed Trials. If you are reliable, a great team player, trustworthy and enthusiastic, then we want to hear from you.

The full list of open Work Learn positions can be found on our career page.

Want to get involved but can’t commit to the hours? Check out our for-credit internship program instead. We are recruiting our 2018 summer cohort on a rolling basis for over 15 positions.


We Are Hiring: Garden Coordinator – CRUW

The closing date reads March 1st but we will continue the search until we find the right person. Preference will be given to candidates of Aboriginal ancestry.

Zia Mehrabi featured in Nature: Smallholders need access to big-data agronomy too

Smallholders need access to big-data agronomy too

Zia Mehrabi, CSFS Postdoctoral Fellow

Our Postdoctoral Fellow Zia Mehrabi was featured in Nature talking about the need for governments, the private sector and agricultural-development organizations to create data-driven agronomy that is accessible to all farmers.

…many smallholders have no Internet access and are unable to buy goods such as fertilizer or irrigation systems. There are shortfalls in the organization of supply chains, market access and advice for small farms. Such factors could stymie the vision of an agricultural revolution that is technology-based, inclusive and equitable.

Read the full article here

UBC Farm Seeds: Plan your season with us

UBC Farm Seeds: Plan your season with us

Are you starting to plan your garden for spring? Did you know that you can buy UBC Farm seeds, online?

Here at the UBC Farm, we are committed to preserving our seeds as ecologically grown, open-pollinated, regionally adapted, held in the public domain, and GE-free. One of our core beliefs is that seed sovereignty is an essential part of sustainable bioregional food systems. That is why we are dedicated to our seed trials research with FarmFolk CityFolk, and are founding members of BC’s very own Eco Seed Co-op.

If you are looking for ecologically sound seeds for your garden or farm, and want to support research for the public interest, consider getting our seeds.

Our seeds are now available to order online at the BC Eco Seed Coop!

Order UBC Farm Flowers!

Are you or someone you know getting married? Having a retirement party? Maybe a birthday surprise? An epic picnic? If you’re planning something in our community we want to arrange your flowers!

Conventionally grown flowers are tied to a variety of chemicals during both the growing and the processing phases. This includes synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and floral preservatives. These chemicals are damaging to both the environment and the health of the farmers and florists working with them. Sustainable growing practices and land stewardship apply to all crops, be it something we eat, or something like flowers which beautifies a space and helps lift our spirits. Learn more about our flower program.

If you are looking for ecologically sound floral arrangements for any occasion, we have set our 2018 season pricing and more details on how you can order them are available here.

If you are interested in joining our new flower CSA program, which runs for 10 weeks and you get a custom bouquet to take home from market each week, you can sign up here.

STUDENTS: VOTE YES for the new AMS Sustainable Food Access Fund (March 5th to 9th)

If you love Sprouts brownies, Agora Café granola bars, and fresh produce from Roots on the Roof and UBC Farm, vote in favour of:

“I support the AMS establishing a Sustainable Food Access Fund through a refundable fee of $0.35* to support on campus sustainable food initiatives (subsidize food prices and increase programming at Agora Cafe and UBC Sprouts, and offer a student discount at the UBC Farm Market and Roots on the Roof).”

The Sustainable Food Access Fund will work to increase the affordability of four critical sustainable food outlets – UBC Sprouts, Agora Cafe, Roots on the Roof, and UBC Farm. UBC Sprouts and Agora Cafe work to combat student food insecurity by offering affordable, organic, locally produced food at three on-campus cafes. In order to maintain the affordability of their food and services, they require additional funding. The UBC Farm and Roots on the Roof are two on campus growing operations that offer three farmers markets and weekly veggie box programs. Price point can be a barrier to student access and therefore, they wish to offer a student discount on produce. This referendum would fund these four initiatives to achieve their goal of providing UBC students access to sustainable food. Agora Cafe and UBC Sprouts would receive funding to continue offering low prices, expand current community programming, and increase sourcing from on campus food producers. UBC Farm and Roots on the Roof would receive funding to implement a student discount.

“Yes” Committee Members: Nikki Lax, Sam Puddicombe, Meryn Corkery, Sarah Siska, and Dakota Fozzard



Learn more about the petition, referendum question and YES campaign here: https://sustainablefoodaccess.wordpress.com/